Hi Ashootosh, thank you very much for your prompt reply. Normally, people take J1 waiver at a time when they are towards the end 5 th year of their post doc or any other course. Can you please let me know how much time it takes to get letter from DoS. Your post can be modified in a great way. Did you find out what does it mean? Thanking you, Yours sincerely chemgc gmail.

My studies focus on development of xyz.. Yes the upload was so much of pain for me as well as they need the size very very small. This can be a real nightmare. I have received three copies of biodata and affidavit attested by CGI. All the best people!! Hay Ashutosh, all the information is very helpful. Did you first send them the documents through email followed by hard copies through mail?

Thank you for your response. Miscellaneous form from this page miscellaneous with your passport size photo [PDF]. Lettr had three J1 but only applied after the last one. May 2, in one of the self addressed, stamped envelopes which I had sent them. What should I do now? Just wanted to know from you if this is true.

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I got this information when my father inquired at Passport office hyd. My most recent and valid passport has been issued from Bahrain not in India.


j1 nori cover letter

Hi Abdul, Thanks for the website. There is no use checking it in the whole day it is a serious time waste. You have to follow this rule get this into your system as quickly as possible!

Is that the case? Hi I got a nogi of questions. Some additional points about J1 waiver 1. For now, some questions for you: Is it possible for me to apply for the J1 waiver from the third country?

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What does the status of fee payment show? Also, please visit respective consular websites since this blog is ONLY my experience lettee obtaining J1 waiver. This site uses cookies. Person can still go on H1.

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Can you please advise me on this. I know every researcher specially Indian on Fulbright fellowship would be thinking that ‘Why on this earth did I accept to come to the US on this fellowship, when chances of getting a waiver are next to zero? Now do I have to send the documents to Atlanta Consulate as hori as per you mentioned above?

j1 nori cover letter

Depends on your contacts …. This address is common for all except Medical Degree Address for Medical degree.


Is she supposed to carry any kind of authorization a letter from cove mentioning that my wife would submit these documents on my behalf to the RPO or home secretariat?

Left the lab in March for an industry job: Thank you for taking time to answer our questions. Otherwise, noro will remain pending.

But I am not able to provide information there. It is no use sending the case no. People know they coverr to get a J1 waiver but still want confirmation? One of them I have to send to Indian consulate office which is Houston for me and the second set I have to send to DOS, so the address you mentioned in your forum is for everyone or related to location?

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Now, I am planning to send these to respective departments in Nkri. Would appreciate your reply. Hi Sonimish, I am glad that the blog is being helpful and thanks for writing to me.

j1 nori cover letter

I see nothing in transaction history.