Because my birth certificate does not have my name on it only my parents name it there. Thanks so much for your thoughts and comments on this situation. I think the way it works that it comes for my approval and if I am busy and forget to approve then it gets deleted by its own in due time. Thank you Ashootosh for this blog, and I used this to create my application for the J1 waiver. Now, for application I have to use same case number as I can not apply as a fresh applicant.

The Ministry will continue receiving physical form of application for the next 90 days from commencement of the new website. Updated address from Prakash Srinivasan – updated Sep 21, It is a real thrill experience. You can check the status through the following link with your case http: When they are asking you about eduloan, basically they want to probe if you have paid it off or if you have any obligation bond or something to return back to India.

J2 visa people can work this is the ONLY one positive thing of J1 visa b If you convert to H1 visa, the spouse will not be able to work on H4 visa until you have I approved. You have written that my father would send an affidavit to the home ministry. Am I even eligible to get a J1 waiver?

J1 Visa Waiver

The Status is shown as pending. Is it possible for me to apply for the J1 waiver from the third country? Hi Amit, I am glad you find coveer useful.


There is NO rule that you have to wait for a certain period of time before applying for a J1 waiver. Someone told me norl I can not apply for J1 waiver after program ends. The Regional Passport Lettsr where your passport was issued initiallyin India. The reason I could not submit because at the time of application submission I did not have my certificate and of course they waited for 10 months to submit my Ph.

Hi Asutosh, thanks for this great blog which makes life easier for J1 waiver application. For all others, it is Indian consulate. I hope Regional passport offices and state govt follow the track of MHRD and start a website for this process as well.

So, please use your discretion based on how much time you have in your hand. I kept it simple and just provided the permanent address. This is curse of Green card friends.

j1 nori cover letter

Also what I study is the way Rajistry and Simranology interact during tuje dekha toye jana sanam, zara sa jhoomatics lumeintics and even during mehndi laga ke rakhnalytics. Where did I get the misclenious for for New York consoulate?

I used this number the check the status online. Is she supposed to carry any kind of authorization a letter from me mentioning that my wife would submit these documents on my behalf to the RPO or home secretariat? Thank you for the post!! This will help many down the line. All posts are moderated, so it will take time for your post to appear! I am from andhra pradesh.


You can also check the status of your application from BCIS with a toll free number printed on the notice.

Mortal Being: J-1 Waiver

I have applied for on aaple sarkar portal for NOC from Maharashtra govt in january and status shows under scrutiny. Hence alternatively, should this same packet of the attested copies- that is scheduled to go to the regional passport office in Bahrain, actually go to the passport office in Mumbai?

I have been in US on other visas like B1 and F1; is that leter asked here. Concentrate on other papers. Therefore, I request you to kindly consider my situation to grant a waiver for HRR. Once form received they will forward waiver form to your local authorities Tahsil, DGP or your village authority.

Hi Salomi, couple of additional questions. As you have mentioned about the new portal: Plus, I did already fulfill one year out of the two-year home residency requirement. Sign up for a new account in our community.

j1 nori cover letter