And when I got to the studio, he was like, “Yo, man, listen. Hopefully I can definitely do stuff like that in that field, cause — yeah, that’s just a given for me. But the crowd is, they just like to hear– you know, it’s all about interacting with them. I’m just coming over here to just, you know, network with a couple people that’s actually in town for this week, and meet up with them and chopping it up and stuff like that. I’m not used to hearing Jay Z or these types of people on songs like that, man, or beats like that. Because this, I mean, it’s — I won’t say it’s a movement, it’s been happening. And not even 20 seconds into the track, he stops me, he puts me in a headlock, you know, and he’s like, “Damn, what was that!?

But I go in, you know, we talk for a little bit, whatever, and then that’s when I pull the machine out and he’s just like, “Damn, I haven’t seen one of them things in years, like a long time. No, but I’m just saying the way they are, like, they don’t accept anybody. It’s not one place I haven’t been to. I had been doing the EDM stuff for a long time. Listen to all these other songs on the radio until the real s comes out. I don’t know why they ain’t never put nothing out. So that’s the thing with me.

Yeah, man, so right now I’m pretty much just doing the shows and Riddle – Elcric Instrumental. So that’s when he really was idlla his s and was just like, “Yo, turn those cameras on.

j dilla circus homework edit

I’ll slow it down; I’ll play some hip-hop beats, original stuff. And then I can really be on my st, be like, “I tried to hit you up. It was like, come home from school and banging out all of your homework and projects and everything all in one shot just to show that you can do it. It’s just about that product. J Dilla – Dreamy.


She needs some freshening up. J Dilla – Dreamy Play Download: Do you set time aside for each or do you just get it all done?

J Dilla – The Dilla Tape VOl.02

My vision of you has hhomework been just the musician, you know, the person that’s making people move. Everything’s all — I mean, just look at all these festivals that Diddy and 2 Chainz and Waka ‘s in. You gotta bring your mom with you at least once. You know, just making my own beats pretty much.

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Yeah, there’s definitely a lot behind it, you know what I’m saying, because you have to pay people to play your songs and all, try — and you always circux to have a video to something, so that could also be played on MTV or BET or whatever it is, stuff like that.

At the end of the day, you know what I mean, he’s gonna eventually hit me up for something because I’m just an undeniable talent. The whole concept of that one was instead of having him working out to an iPod or whatever, he brought me in as his personal DJ. That’s what I pretty much do all the time.

j dilla circus homework edit

I’m just coming over here to just, you know, network with a couple people that’s actually in town for this week, and meet up with them and chopping it up and stuff like that.


And then he so happened to use it and put it on this. Never seen nothing like that.

So I’ve done a lot of stuff. It’s all like club shows and stuff.

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I mean, as far as the cirrcus process, yeah, he taught me the little basic stuff, like how to save, load and stuff like that, but I took over from there. This project’s coming out da-da-da, but for me to talk about other people’s — I don’t know.

I mean, probably a couple years ago, when I was working with Cam. A lot of original stuff so that way these people can see that, you know, I can really do this.

You’ve gotta smoke crazy. I talk about stuff that’s realistic, like a festival. You let ’em know that something’s gonna come and then when it drops, that’s when they go crazy, da-da-da.

Riddle – Elcric Instrumental Play Download: It’s about timing and I think it’s definitely about that time now to, you know, bring that to the table.

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