Both secondary research and primary research are required. This blog post contains links to seven videos that explain the key concepts of Big Data, including how data warehouses differ from traditional relational databases, and the unique challenges posed by the vast quantity, variety, and speed of Big Data collection. Definitely worth a watch, as it covers a lot of the key terminology in the case study document. Already have an account? Application to specific scenarios Strand 3:

Term 1 Gr12 Lesson Plans: It explains key processes including data segmentation, the use of historical data, and predictive analytics, and is an essential read for this case study. This will then be built on in following lessons by examining how big data analytics can be used. Walmart reportedly adds 1 million records each hour to its database, which tops 2. Stuart Gray – itgstextbook. Note that the command term formulate only appears on HL Paper 3. Although it does not refer to supermarkets, this is a very clear explanation of JIT.

HL Paper 3 – Sample work. Please leave a comment below.

itgs case study 2015 questions

This task is designed to help students understand the hardware, software, and network questipns that is commonly used in supermarkets and might therefore be used by the independent supermarkets in the case study. Supermarket giant Tesco are widely regarded as one of the pioneers of loyalty cards and customer data analytics. Sisolak — June Application to specific scenarios 2. We will use the M12 session and the case study: The article Creepy but legal phone-tracking company gets wrist slap for empty privacy promise describes how retailers can track customers through their stores by collecting their phone MAC addresses using WiFi routers.

This page contains some of the resources I have found helpful when teaching this case study to my students. The aim of this lesson is to understand a little bit more about Big Data in general, with students research the relevant technologies and processes in a variety of industries. The supermarket in question is Tesco, who are installing cameras not for security reasons, but to recognise itgx customers and present them with targeted adverts.


itgs case study 2015 questions

Reading about the schemes, their benefits, and how the supermarkets use the collected data provides an interesting insight into the case study. A good article for the case study, as such data can be collected and analysed as part of a Big Data system.

7 Examples of Big Data – ITGS Case Study 2015

Download itts marked and 4 unmarked scripts from M12 Paper 3 – HL Paper 3 – Sample work Mark the unmarked scripts, then compare your marking with the marked versions to gain an understanding of what type of response is required. Case Study Paper 3, It is not necessary to join Stufy wiki because it is an information source and not a collaborative space. Using Big Data to Improve the Customer Experience This video from Oracle — who produce Big Data solutions — examines the process and benefits of Big Data analysis using a detailed case study of an online video store.

The best way to address this question is to consider Case Study for An Investigation into Big Data and develop a plan for a class of ITGS students considering the resources that are available to them: Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

You might also enjoy reading: This is clearly indicated in the examination booklet and also in the markbands below. Questions on these terms will always be set.


One approach that is taken by some schools for the case study is to collaborate using a wiki and share their secondary and primary research. Casee book explains how the project was devised and successfully implemented. The students must include how they researched the topics and analyze their findings in their responses.

ITGS Textbook | Case Study – An Investigation into Big Data (Paper 3)

What’s next for loyalty program’s? Quedtions is the nature of the questions? Both secondary research and primary research are required. Glossary of Big Data terms – Data-informed. Application to specific scenarios. It helps check students’ understanding of key vocabulary and concepts, identify unknown words, and to link the case study to some of their prior learning.

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The Case Study & Paper 3 – Guide – Mr. Stevenson´s ITGS Classroom

Case study vocabularly – Quizlet – Flash cards. Note that the command term formulate only appears on HL Paper 3. Eight Problems With Big Datawritten by the ACLU, gives a clear and concise summary of what it sees as the key problems – many of these quesrions directly to data protection legislation described further down this page.

itgs case study 2015 questions

From data sources and data volume to data personalisation, these infographics should be a brief refresher activity for students who have properly studied the case study. They should investigate companies, organizations or individuals that have encountered and solved problems similar to those in the Case Study.