Designing Innovative Study Tools. Hyrcanus originally associated with the more conservative Pharisees, but later switched to the Sadducees. Cambridge University Press, Leany, The Jewish and Christian World: The lineage of the Herodian kings is as follows: By Joyce E Gerald.

This was not entirely novel for a Greek ruler except in what Antiochus IV demanded. The Jewish Publication Society of America, Peter Schfer editor , Tibingen: Second, the Babylonian captivity had been so devastating for the Jewish people that they spent many hundreds of years afterwards doing all in their power to avoid a repeated catastrophe. He succeeded in conquering the majority of the known world in only 13 years, and in unifying it under the Hellenistic culture, language, and freedom. Yet within the course of a mere ten years the entire world from Greece to India, Afghanistan to Egypt was ruled and influenced by Greeks.

intertestamental period research paper liberty university

These events are one of the reasons why some of the Jews were looking for a political Messiah when Jesus came upon the scene years after Pompey brought Roman rule to Palestine. Remember me on this computer.

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Click here to sign up. What the leaders simply desired was stability, which came through the loyalty and taxes of those living within the boundaries of the empire.

intertestamental period research paper liberty university

Indeed, univetsity we comprehend the flux of change in the eastern Mediterranean world over the uuniversity of psriod hundred years, our understanding of the New Testament will be enlarged as wide as the chasm that now marks the apparent emptiness between the Testaments.

February 13, at At the age of 13, Alexander was educated by Aristotle providing him with a Hellenistic education that would serve him in his years of conquest. Cambridge University Press, But such mixing was the ground for controversy and strife, for there were Jews who felt that the barbaric influences of Greek expansion and culture compromised the purity of Jewish life and doctrine, much like some non-American nations view the negative influence that American Hollywood has had upon their own societies.


Anything, or anyone, that threatened kniversity peace was subject to extreme scrutiny. Preiod the Jewish efforts met with difficulties. The period is divided into two sub- periods: Second Temple Period Paper.

The nearly years of previous history set the stage for Roman rule in Judea. There were, of course, those who felt that the future of Judaism lay along the lines of aggressive nationalism. Biblical scholar John Bright concisely describes each faction and succinctly explains the circumstances in which they emerged: Salome Alexandra ruled after the death of her husband, King Alexander. When we look upon the ancient past with the knowledge that it was populated by humans who lived, loved, learned and libedty we see similar patterns, yet expressed in unique colors and hues.

Testimonies of Jesus Matthew 11 and Luke 7, These tendencies and desires remained tacitly in the Jewish psyche for hundreds of years afterwards.

It was Roman administrative rule and the Greek culture which had conquered the conquering Romanswhich provided the backdrop for the world of the New Testament, a world that had once intertestammental dominated by independent Israelites and then later by Babylonian and Persian authority. Under the Seleucids, the Jews were initially tolerated and allowed to continue reesearch limited perriod rule as they did with the Ptolemys. It cannot be studied without considering the influence of worldly events.

A Summary We have raced through univfrsity five hundred years of history at a speed that would even make Einstein rethink the laws of relativity.

Would we feel historically, ideologically and politically disoriented if our knowledge of Western history stopped in the yearskipped five hundred years, and then resumed again in the year ? Many Jews at this time were deeply influence by the intellectual and literary achievements produced by the Greeks.


intertestamental period research paper liberty university

What we are simply attempting to do is to get back to the most original and authentic versions of the Biblical text; each translation and each transmission takes us one step further from the original and pure source. An Introduction to the Documents, translated by David E.

Between the Testaments: An Invitation to Explore the Intertestamental Time Period

Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Beginning in 39 BC, Herod consolidated his power and ruled his territory, for Caesar, with the assistance of the Roman army. By Karen Elligson Solt. Faithfully Witness of Christ Between the Testaments: A Reflection Upon Human Unrighteousness. Was the world silent between Malachi and Matthew?

What we discover, however is that culture was vibrant, religion was compelling, and politics were divisive just as they are in our own day. Being practical men of the world, they were willing to go to considerable lengths of compromise in order to do univfrsity, readily cooperating with the secular rulers, whether worldly-minded [Maccabean] priest-kings who were of their stripe or Roman procurators, and fearing above all things any disturbance that might upset the balance—which is why they found Jesus dangerous.

In fact, it was the very situation of various expressions of Judaism over many centuries that provided fertile ground for the Jewish sectarian movement now known as Christianity.