The river has now been declared a critical water body because of the unspeakable amount of waste dumped into it daily by households and industries. My UPA contact asked some of the NML members if it was accep for me to knock on their door when I visited the community, so that they could help me find the people of interest to interview for my data collection, which the members agreed to. In summary, these are government measures to save Pasig River from rot. Philippine Information Agency I began by compiling the selected Initial codes and In Vivo codes in a table organised according to their frequency KBPIP regularly conducts tours for media reporters, bloggers, financing agencies, private companies, non-government organizations, schools and universities, among others.

Carola Betzold Word Count: Data collection My empirical data was collected over the course of four weeks in the commu- nity of Legarda, mainly through semi-structured interviews, but also through participant observation. They sell their properties. As the PPHI progresses, the capabilities of the community in Legarda increases, and so does the bonded social capital of the community. The accumulated resources within the bonded social capital keeps increasing as the cluster leaders are finding more ways to convince the larger community in Manila and the gov- ernment that they have the same right to live in the city just as anyone else; as long as informal settlers get access to these basic rights, the urban poor can contribute to the city as any other citizen. Keeping Legarda clean and orderly has other positive outcomes as well, such as strengthening the bonded social capital in the community through shared investments, and a general well-being from living in a clean environment.

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ilog pasig case study

I believe that the risk of a new fire build up the urgency for the families to complete the PPHI. The same people who were collectively responsible ikog the neglect and fouling of the waterway now contribute towards keeping it clean. When Aquino was elected, the threat of demolition of the community continued to be an issue, and the promises of the president did not seem to be fulfilled.

After explaining to my translator that it was necessary that the other leaders have their own voices heard and that she had already been interviewed, the translations ended up being much more varied and detailed. By being seen as eye-sores, the community express that they, especially in the past, have been treated with neglect and had a hard time claiming their rights Interview The architect of the model apartments in Legarda2 is involved in the PPHI because he believes ztudy there should be pockets of ppasig for the urban poor around the city to facilitate the supply and demand of labour: My UPA contact asked some of the NML members if it was accep for me to knock on their door when I visited the community, so that they could help me find the people of interest to interview for my data collection, which srudy members agreed to.


Qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods approaches.

Nevertheless, when talking about the label of taga ilog, it was clear that the respondents feel misinterpreted by the larger padig in the NCR, and that this has effect on how the people of the estero are being treated.

If I go back and forth daily, all the money will go to transport only Large-scale river rehabilitation can be a critical strategy for improving flood control and management. By setting a sharp deadline on the PPHI and the PRRCs, I believe that the two interests become more con- flicting than they would be had there been more time to work on a solution.

I argue that the main objective behind the PPHI, is to maintain and protect the assets accessible through this bonded social capital, as well as future opportunities that these resources can present.

ilog pasig case study

There might be some resentment from the middle class, since commuting from the province is common for many workers within the NCR. However, Legarda is the only community of the four that have casr their PPHI approved and are at the land appropriation and construction phase of their initiative.

ilog pasig case study

Ayers sug- gests that adaptation have to include the most environmentally vulnerable and allow for the current strategies of adaptation to be contested Ayers, Wiley Interdisci- plinary Reviews: Each interview was voice recorded and went on for approximately forty minutes5. Stopping rural people going to cities only makes poverty less visible, and stripping migrants of rights makes it worse.


Government action, social capital and development: Since both the project of the NML and the PRRC are currently ongoing, the social dynamics, pushes and pulls, and driving forces of the community engagement fluctuates with their process.

When it comes to informal settlers, city development plans need to not only reduce exposure to climate risks but also combat the initial causes of poverty. How outside pressures such as climate change impacts affect social capital is con- tested. The responses I got were similar: In addition, funding for the construction and maintenance of parks The PRRC sketch design of the Pasig River in the future along the river is scarce.

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Bridged and bonded social capital The acquirement and maintenance of social capital can be divided into two separate strategies, which in turn divides social capital into two categories: The relocation of the urban poor is partially justified by a discourse where the people affected by the relocation are being blamed for the degradation of the land they are relo- cated from Schade, But what are their choice?

Risk, Floods, Adaptation, and Security. Their main tasks consists of participating in meetings with the NML, and then disseminate the information to their assigned cluster, as well as reporting the protocols from their own cluster meetings back to the NML president. In cases where the respondents had poor English skills, another cluster leader, or family member, helped to translate.

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In the city on the other hand, these services are easily accessible and there are more livelihood opportunities Interview 17, You can choose whether you want to be anonymous or not.

Ph locator ncr manila. As the name implies, the program encourages private sector support in cleaning up waterways in urban centres.