This is particularly important when work is sent for external moderation. The other two skills identified were imprecisely phrased with risk taking rather than calculated risk taking being identified. Appendix Evidence used to form the basis of the evaluations. Knowledge of the three methods of finance was shown and the candidate identified the problems that a newly established sole trader may face with each method. Additional sources of formal support were identified but there were only two marks available for this section of the question. It is therefore possible that, on some questions, lower grade candidate scripts are awarded the same, similar or sometimes higher marks than higher grade candidate scripts. This summary table of assessment criteria from the syllabus provides a useful starting point in understanding the assessment process.

Each piece of evidence is detailed showing the use of evidence to support judgments and utilising a range of terminology. It should be noted that with a larger class, learners may struggle to identify a number of suitable activities or projects and in this situation it may be best to encourage learners to work in small groups. This sample should include the full range of candidate abilities experienced, from the highest to the lowest mark. A mark of three was therefore awarded to the response. The response was awarded one mark. It also should provide some pointers as to what can be taught to the class as a whole and what needs to be covered in supervisions. The teacher comments are included as an example of how a teacher might comment upon the work of a candidate and the moderator comments are produced by the Principal Moderator for the syllabus.

Cambridge igcse enterprise coursework

Microsoft Word – Teacher Ed. At such meetings there should be consideration of: A mark of two was therefore awarded.

Cambridge reserves the right to ask engerprise further samples of Coursework. Carrying out the Enterprise project or activity 26 2.


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We are nonprofit website to share and download documents. A mark of five was awarded to the response. The evidence may have been used to show both the positive doursework negative aspects of the areas under discussion.

igcse enterprise coursework exemplar

Signatures Teacher 1 Witness: In Centres where only one member of staff is involved in the delivery and assessment of this coursework component, a line manager should assume responsibility for the internal moderation process. Past papers, examiner reports and other teacher support materials are available on Teacher Support at http: The four task totals should then be added together to find the overall total a maximum mark of 60which should then be recorded in the total box.

Although this may be considered to be a disadvantage the candidate did not clearly state why this is a problem. This means that teachers should deliver the prescribed subject content specified in the syllabus through a planned programme of study and should explain carefully what is required of the group or individual learners.

Types of business entity.

Please note candidates are not required to produce a busines plan as evidence iggcse the task. On our secure online support for Cambridge teachers, Teacher Support, you will find a comprehensive scheme of work with many suggestions of activities that could be used to deliver the skills and knowledge of the IGCSE Enterprise syllabus, alongside suggested resources.

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Each piece of exempalr is detailed showing the use of evidence to support judgments and utilising a range of terminology. Add this document to collection s. Knowledge, Application and Analysis, and Evaluation. For example, in IGCSE Mathematics, students will cover topics from number, algebra, geometry and define the factors of production land, labour, capital, enterprise define opportunity cost and.


Sign up for our newsletter. The initials of the teacher may be used to indicate group or set. The work presented may perhaps be in written note form rather than in the formats requested. The candidate showed a basic knowledge of why the language chosen can be important when communicating with stakeholders but there was no attempt to apply the answer to their own enterprise experience.

igcse enterprise coursework exemplar

Discussion with the whole class and with individuals, as well as one-to-one and whole class supervisions, should take place at all stages of the coursework production. Witness Statement Name of school: Igcde was a weak attempt to explain the objective of growth. This evidence can take the form of the script used for the presentation, outline slides or other display materials.

Coursework Training Handbook (Part 1): Guidance

The learner may perhaps present only one of the two required pieces or two partially-completed pieces of work. Recommendations Learners suggest how they could improve their work in the future by considering how any problems or difficulties might have been avoided or overcome and what other improvements might have been made.

Leaflets were considered to be vague to gain reward. In each case the candidate provided numerical examples, which did not add to the explanation.

Each response is accompanied by a brief commentary explaining the strengths and weaknesses of the answers. There is some basic application in the last line which shows understanding that a loan will need to be paid back.