The deadlines vary for the different themes. The prescribed format of the concerned Foundation is to be used. PhD age limit 55 years Women Scientists who are employed or unemployed or are desirous of coming back after a break. Task Force studies are national projects, centrally planned and coordinated and usually implemented on a multi-centric basis. Formal processing of the proposals shall start wef 1st Jan, 1 st April, 1 st July, 1 st Oct each year. The proposals must involve at least two French partners one academia and one industry and two Indian partners one academia and one industry.

The monitor, the guide and the student should work as a team and ensure that the output is a thesis of reasonably good quality and can be reported in scientific journals. Any researcher with Ph. ICMR being a premier research agency for formulation, coordination and promotion of Biomedical Research in the country is also engaged in promoting critical mass of human resources as well as fostering research temperament amongst medical graduates. Below 45 years for young scientists. If registered for P. These fellowships are published on ICMR website.

Applications on prescribed format along with relevant documents are accepted by ICMR.

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Monitoring The fellowship can be terminated theeis any time on a month’s notice if the progress of work is not satisfactory icr on receipt of an adverse report from the Guide. Duration of fellowships is initially limited to three years.

The first progress report should be submitted about three months prior to the completion of the annual period so as to enable the evaluation and provide the grants within the completion of one year from the starting date.


icmr thesis grant

The purposes of these agreements have been for: The duration of appointment of Emeritus Medical Scientists will ordinarily be for a period of two years in the first instance. Any researcher with Ph.

Collaborative Scientific Research Programme. Proposals are received throughout the year on the prescribed format, which can be obtained on request from the Director-General, ICMR. Limited to 50 per year. The Council has a limited number of positions of Emeritus Medical Scientists. Sponsored Research – Grants for Independent Researchers The Research Development Office has developed a database of currently available funding opportunities primarily for Indian researchers.

An electronic copy of the same. Senior Scientist above 35 yrs icmf age are eligible to apply only to international scientific events which are not sponsored by international Council of Scientific Unions ICSU.

Most of these projects are also reviewed by subject specialists before being considered by the PRCs. For more details, website of ICMR may be seen. General guidelines governing the fellowship, the application form and other details can be downloaded from the ICMR website: Red Biotechnology up to pre-commercialization stage.

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The proposals must involve at least two French partners one academia and one industry and two Indian partners one academia and one industry. Items not allowed of grant. Will support projects in the field of science and health, applied technology, exploration and discovery, the environment, and cultural heritage.

Team based projects for individuals from developing countries who are early in their conservation career and demonstrate leadership potential.


If registered for P. There is no prescribed format for making the application, however, it is expected that the applicant iicmr highlight the existing expertise and infrastructure and need for the CAR.

icmr thesis grant

Age less than 60 years. Needs to work in Japanese institute. Gates Grand Challenges Explorations Pump-priming funding for initial ideas.

icmr thesis grant

Nominations for this program are open to Indian students in basic sciencescommunicable and non-communicable diseases, and reproductive health, including nutrition. The team leaders must hold a full-time position at a university or research institute in their respective countries. A maximum contingent grant of Rs. The primary aim of the ICMR is to promote research in the country in the fields of medicine, public health and allied areas.

Task Force studies are national projects, centrally planned and coordinated and usually implemented on graht multi-centric basis.

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This information was last updated on April Proposals are to be prepared using ICMR format which is available on the website. For research in the field of Nano science and technology, online application.

Further extension gdant to a maximum period of three years, one year at a time, may be granted ickr deserving cases depending on the programme of research work undertaken and on the recommendation of the Selection Committee till the age of 65 years is attained.