Eine kleine Literaturliste sollte zu diesem Zeitpunkt bereits belegen, dass ich angefangen haben, sich in das Thema zu vertiefen. Please check the room with the administration some days in advance. In which language does the thesis has to be turned See you study programme regulations for this issue. Turn in you work in a printer-friendly PDF-Format. A second pen if the first one is not working. The supervisor might want to have a version that can easily be read and organized. Remember you have to live with that title forever.

This means that it is difficult to get a first and second supervisor for your thesis. A LBA Lehrbeauftragter is possible in this role. So please think about a more general title if you are afraid to be in need of changing the title later. Possible topics of supervision might take place in the fields of:. In front of an examination commission the following steps are taking place:

Is every page information complete? Versuchen Sie, diesen Effekt durch Vermeidung von Namen zu vermeiden. How should the final binding look like?

Make sure you agree with these two people on the topic. Repertory Grid for Positioning Issues in Marketing.

HTW Dresden – Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Dresden: Fit for the bachelor thesis

The overall thdsis will not exceed 60 minutes. An empirical approach will make your research unique. While writing this answer in the month of April my capacity for the Wintersemester is already fully booked. All your findings will be yours and your work will become easier for you because you do not need to be afraid of plagiarism issues. Your presentation ht be in a way that even external visitors could understand what you have been doing in your work.


htw bib thesis

Was erwartet der Betreuer bevor die Zusage gegeben wird? Wer wird zur Thesis angenommen? The booking system of office hours allows to book 2 slots of 10 min each for those thseis are in the process of writing the thesis.

Bitte buchen Sie jedoch nur einen Slot pro Termin. Make sure that you already bring in a list of scientific literature in your topic when talking about the topic during office hours. Come to see your supervisor during office hours to discuss potential topics: What do I need to bring for the colloquium? Please make sure that your work is based on recent international findings of research.

Please bring your own technical equipment to make sure that you master all the content and programs. Make sure, that you make the text readable.

htw bib thesis

There is no rule how many students should be supervised by one professor. Talk to your supervisor about the desired way of citation.


Htw bib bachelor thesis /

There is no single answer to that question. Less is more and much more difficult to decide about. Please take this into consideration when formatting your work.

The thesis is the final act at the end of your studies.

htw bib thesis

In front of an examination commission the following steps are taking place: If you take care of things early this should not cause problems. Can I change the title of my thesis after the application?

Adopt it to the presentation beamer you will be using Q: It stays with you for your lifetime.

Htw bib bachelor thesis –

See you study programme regulations for this issue. Any improvement of the template is more than welcome.

If you do not theais up you might lose the privilege of this special consultation hours. It is a wise idea to talk to your target supervisor some months before the actual application needs to be turned in.

If you believe a glossary is supporting the understanding you should implement it. Do I need a professional reference management software during thesis writing?