Wer so beginnt, hat die Aufmerksamkeit des Lesers schon verloren. Htw berlin antrag master thesis – Fernstudium finden: Turn in you work in a printer-friendly PDF-Format. Antrag Daily Click to Verify. Overall your text could be written in TimesNewRoman and all headlines, graphics, etc.

During your work you should always think about the sense of things. Das Ziel ist der Mastertitel. The library would like to have a long lasting version in a permanent binding format. Overall this can happen on a small paper maximum three pages. Ideas for your research: Every professor has different preferences.

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If you take care of things early this should not cause problems. Imagine you would have to upload the presentation to slideshare.

To avoid this administrative procedure it is wise to think twice about the title of your work before applying.

htw berlin antrag master thesis

It can be ensured by:. Your presentation should be in a way that even external visitors could understand what you have been doing in your work.

Think of special cables that you might need with your very special computer A printed handout for the examination commission is always a wise choice eco friendliness is demanded; everything needs to be readable A pen to sign and berli out forms.


htw berlin antrag master thesis

Agent has access to your screen Your access to the screen has been withdrawn. Your first supervisor is a member of HTW Berlin and does not get paid for the process of supervision. It should be working in a self explanatory way even without you presenting it. Basically the answer is no.

Htw berlin antrag master thesis – Fernstudium finden:

Mehr als zwei Seiten sollte das Antrag keinesfalls umfassen. The second supervisor should have been involved in teaching at HTW Berlin in the last semesters. You have to describe the plan of your work, the involved institutions, the scientific approach.

In front of an examination commission the following steps are taking place: In case you cite hfw source created by multiple authors please learn how to cite two, three or more authors in your text and in your reference list. Do you have an overall mater taking the audience along?

There is no single answer to that question. The overall time will not exceed 60 minutes.

While writing this answer in the month of April my capacity for the Wintersemester is already fully booked. After the presentation you are supposed to answer questions to the commission. Every professor demands different things before signing your application. All marketing professors at HTW Berlin are normally overbooked. What do I need to bring for the colloquium? What is the maximum number of pages for a thesis?


Turning in your thesis there also protects your work and intellectual copyright from being stolen.

If you want to change the title of your thesis later it causes some administrative work and you will have to contact at least four different parties. You will see that some of the colleagues are already fully booked long in advance. You are supposed to present your work in mastef. When does the defense is going to take place?

Muss eine Thesis einen empirischen Teil enthalten? Try to highlight things in a different context.

htw berlin antrag master thesis

It stays with you for your lifetime. You can always ask your professor for a specific date for the discussion of details of your thesis.

Overall this can happen on a small paper maximum three pages. What colors, typo etc.