Is the language used by the candidate precise and appropriate? Has the candidate developed a structured and organised piece of writing? Some questions may require basic mathematical skills. Try to do sample tests when you are fully alert so you are in a better position to absorb and analyse information. There is no point in doing HPAT style questions if you do not spend the time trying to understand the solutions afterwards.

Try to avoid potential stress triggers the week before the exam. Answering these questions in timed conditions will help you to work within the time limits of the exam and will be a good way to familiarise yourself with the structure of the test and question topics. This way, if you meet that type of question again, you will be in a better position to answer it. Candidates are given a certain amount of time to complete each section. Results released late March two thousand nineteen. Excessive stress will make it difficult to concentrate on a given question, so try to stay calm.

Some students secure a place in medicine without preparing for the HPAT.

hpat essay questions

Reminder Email 4 – Wednesday 20 February You are advised to work steadily through Section 1 and 2 the multiple-choice sections without spending too much time on any one question. I set myself the same time limit that I would have in the esday exam.

Has the candidate written clearly and fluently? The information below is given in good faith.

For example, questions may take a range of formats — in Section 1, you may have a short vignette from a news article and a set of multiple choice answers relating to the content of the excerpt. The courses are expensive and you probably will have forgotten a lot by the time 6th year comes around, so maybe leave them until then.



Section 2 assesses interpersonal understanding questlons multiple choice questions. It really depends on the venue and the amount of people to be registered. Sections 1 and 2 are in multiple-choice format and presented in a single test book and questions are answered on the accompanying machine-readable answer sheet OMR.

Ever year questions questiins released on social media and people make fun of them calling them riddles and saying that there is no real answer.

hpat essay questions

Regitrations close five pm GMT second January two thousand nineteen. Use an email address you check regularly, as all HPAT information will be emailed to that account. Since we were in primary school, we were told to always get the answer by following the question to the end.

Sample Questions – MedEntry HPAT Preparation

There are no clear official figures, but based on other info, I think it is around 3, students. The emphasis is on the application of skills in reasoning and problem solving.

In other words, the examining body can remove certain questions even though you spent valuable time on them. Try blockinga technique where you read large sections of the text at a time or use your pencil as a pointer moving it two words in front of where you are to speed you up. No part of this post is in any way sponsored. Some questions may require basic mathematical skills. What are the chances I will get the marks I need?

What is the written communication section of the HPAT Ulster?

Each of your pieces of writing will be marked by at least two raters working independently. On the day you only have 65 minutes for Section 1, 45 minutes for Section 2 and 40 minutes for Section 3. You will feel revitalised. Many students find these skills can be improved with practice.


Reminder Email 1 – Monday 11 February When 6th year comes, you should really try to form a study group. Read lots in your spare time to get used to reading and concentrating on characters etc.

You want to be scoring above 80, but again, there is no real answer to this question because the percentiles you are given compare you to a small, biased population that is practicing on the same package that you are practicing. This piece of research has found that repeating your HPAT improves your score, especially in Section 3 the rules have changed since so it may not be as relevant, but it is a well known fact that people improve at IQ tests if they do lots of them.

Pencils are not acceptable.

hpat essay questions

I recommend doing one or two ACER exams the week before too as they are that little bit easier and will give you a confidence boost before the big day. This is designed to test your ability to problem-solve in an abstract context. To what extent and how well has the candidate explored the ideas and issues in the prompt? It is not possible to guarantee start and finish times.