Sorry, but copying text is not allowed on this site. Finally, the paper will analyse if 1Malaysia concept conceived to promote unity will be the right panacea for removing ethnicity barriers among Malaysians. We’ll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. Of course, it helps that most scientific and mathematical papers are in English. This is where mass media, especially television, can play a big role.

The third was the geographical separation of the vernacular schools according to the unequal population distribution of different races Omar, Journal of Language and Culture, 3 1. Ethnic Plurality and Nation Building Process: Lantern festival, for instance is one of the examples of cultural events celebrated in our country. My German friend could not help but to ask us why the national language was not used.

Example, the citizens might jump the advertizement of 1Malaysia when it plays in the Television. Contested terrain of multiple aspirations in a multicultural nation.

Tolerance Among Malaysian Essay

The last but non least, I think the anterior thing is to happen a manner to halt the racism but non merely maintain the gorgeous promotion in 1Malaysia Concept. Sorry, but copying text is not allowed on this site. He appeal that Barisan Nasional BN must give the mainstream media freedom in describing intelligence. There are several suggestions on how we are going to promote unity and tolerance among Malaysians. With equitable ethnic participation in the economy and wealth distribution, the causes of racial tensions fo be remedied and this promotes social political stability.

Respondent 01 is a school principal who has been an educationist for 24 years; respondent 02, an assistant promlte, has been an educationist for 33 years; respondent 03 has been a teacher for 32 years and respondent 04 36 years.


RTM besides launched 1Malaysia Television i. Does speaking English make me any less of a Malaysian?

Media besides need reflect the sentiment and response of diverseness races to authorities to press the 1Malaysia Concept to a higher phase. During the festival, a parade would be held and all the people, regardless of their races would celebrate it by carrying lanterns and walking together around the city.

English vs. Bahasa Malaysia

To guarantee there will be a better and peaceable concspt, they should vote for the party. The Government of Malaysia wants to distribute the 1Malaysia Concept to its citizens in the most time-saving and effectual manner. Najib Abdul Razak, Furthermore, the authorities have the right in approve or revoke the licence of media.

how to promote 1malaysia concept essay

The research showed that Malaysian by and large do non really clear about the 1Malaysia Concept. In the 1Malaysia fssay, media should coverage the intelligence of development and response of different races and civilization.

Promoting national unity in Malaysian public schools Essay Example for Free – Sample words

Respondent 02 and 03 mentioned that active supervision of students and teachers by the principal can significantly improve their esday. Separate curriculum for vernacular schools was the fourth factor splitting the communities.

how to promote 1malaysia concept essay

It will non coverage the intelligence of insufficient or failure when carry oning the 1Malaysia Concept. Historically, was the year an independent Federation of Malaya was formed.

They believe this is the manner to show their nationalism. Not as far as I am concerned. The launch of 1Malaysia is non merely for national integrity regardless of races and faith, it besides to forestall the calamity of races riot in 13 May happen once more. The concept stresses on the acceptance and inclusion of other cultures within the Malaysian realm and unity is vital for a country with plural society like Malaysia.


Have you seen Indian boys taking part in a tiger dance competition in conjunction with Chinese New Year Festival? What makes Malaysia a unique country is the diversity of the people. One of the ways on how to promote unity and tolerance among Malaysians is by holding cultural events; occasions ti are related to the cultures of the society. The Budget speech: However, due to the pressure from certain political parties, the plan was cut short in 1mzlaysia to preserve the competitiveness of the national language.

how to promote 1malaysia concept essay

Who are we as individuals and who concrpt we as Malaysians? Hi there, would you like to get such a 1malaydia This theory implied that media had a direct and powerful consequence in act uponing its audience and shooting them with messages designed to acquire the coveted response. It is reported that inover RM38mil was spent to promote understanding of the 1Malaysia concept which was aimed at strengthening unity among the races in the country. Absolutely, we as Malaysians should be proud that we can live peacefully and harmoniously under one roof.