And I wiped it clean with a cloth, Miss Lovely. Ashton closes down with the worst school report ever – the rest of your money. It may be all the things you said and way more, too, but it’s our school and we can’t let anyone take that away from us. Do you know how stuck-up you sound? Right, let’s see what you’ve really got in that box, eh, son?

This is not fair. I think I can see it! I have a CD. Oh, nice one, Henry. Who’d have thought it? I’m having a try-out day today. Brian, I need a note.

The exclusive and very expensive school, commented, saying, “It’s a sad and sorry state of amairs when a school cannot keep its own pupils in order.

It’s the money Henry won on 2 Cool 4 School. Look, those are Peter’s borrid miends. Could you show this Think about sending the boys to Brickhouse. But my homework is waiting for me There’s no escape and no TV Why does homework always get you down, down, down?

Almost enough to put me off for life. To whom do I have the pleasure of speaking? I’m going back to my nice warm bed. Edit Profile View as Public Logout.


Horrid Henry’s Homework Haze Karaoke

What is it, Henry? Oh, no, don’t worry. I can’t believe you peanut brains didn’t think ofthat. This is my best mate. And that’s why I know you did not write this note, Henry. What a lovely surprise.

horrid henry homework haze

Well, yes, it does seem as though Ashton Primary School is in trouble. The next little bit might be a bit harder, seeing as you’ve never done any. Just don’t expect me to sit next to you, toad hazr. All those weeks, months, years, trying to teach you something.

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I thought you’d be happy ifthe school closed. And I wiped it clean with a cloth, Miss Lovely. You’re going to win the big cash prize, so you can give all the money to Miss Oddbod, so she can give all hqze money to the school inspectors, so they can say, thank you, and then they can go away – far, far away.


horrid henry homework haze

No, there’s another verse. Henry’s never eaten a vegetable. Henry is later invited onto television programme ‘2 Cool 4 School’, where he can win a cash prize, which Margaret points out that they can use to bribe the school inspectors to leave Ashton Primary alone. Yeah, Hhomework bet we’ll never hear the end of it. Ooh, look horrrid that. Please select a valid image file. Here at Ashton Primary, we have nothing to hide.

It was time for an emergency meeting of the Purple Hand Gang. Slacker Radio needs to pay your favorite artists. Van Wrinkle stands to make a fortune from the resulting influx of pupils.

horrid henry homework haze

Na-na-na, na na na! I think I can see it! Derek Adams offered the film mild praise in Time Out: Two secs, guys, I’ll let you in.