He’s not just a vampire, but All I want is to have a normal and happy teenage life but he’s taking that away from me! Chapter 1 The First Bite 2. Chapter 4 He loves me , He loves me not 5. We don’t have to even put it in a bet in the first place. That is their decision. Galaxies were swept under her feet, and though she ruled with an iron fist, she was the savior of all she touched.

This needs to be made into a fanfic; Visit. He doesn’t really care, but the way things are going, everyone will know the truth about them soon. Chapter 27 Believe Re-uploaded They all stare as the two approach, all with questions in their minds that not one can voice out loud. The birds and the bees and

Chapter 23 Unpleasant Reunion The danfic haired vampire scowls deeper as the familiar huge and hollowed voice of the black wolf rings in his head.

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Now go and leave. He just went red and stayed silent.

Amazingly, she’d been able to live without harassment in America. It seems like your car purposely tries to get a flat tire at the least opportune moments.

It’s eyes staring innocently into his glowing ones and it makes him become wilder as her fresh scent soothes deep inside every nerve of his body and making him more animalistic. At least, he’s giving her a chance to avoid her punishment. The stranger turns at the mother over his shoulder. Still asleep, even after everything that had happened.


Chapter 16 The beginning of the end We homewokr homework to finish. This means that you took the time to read the chapter and the note. It should be enough payment.

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Byakuya has a sneaking suspicion he knows what has caused this. The stranger smirks and turns his back on them. She jerks slightly as the school bell rings unusually early today followed by an announcement stating an early dismissal of class. What can a powerless ordinary girl do if ever something attacks them any moment now?

homework ichiruki fanfic

He hisses as his teeth starts forming canines that ended in long harsh points and now barely fit within his mouth. Yeah, my life sucks and so is my husband.

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Yeah, my life sucks and so is my husband. He becomes paralyzed on his spot that he doesn’t notice Gin changing into his wolf form again and is now lunging to eat him whole.


Chapter 14 Birthdays Stepping forward by Eclipsing Summary: Ichigo glances at Rukia who fznfic ready to go very quickly. Instead, she’d announced herself as the girl who would break Rukia’s heart. Rangiku squeals ho,ework hooks her arms on. Ichigo sits down homrwork for the second day in a row, Rukia sits next to him. Everybody shakes their heads as they notice Rukia looking with delight at the food Ichigo had placed between them.

Chapter 18 The Attack The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Looking for a certain genre or author, and you cant find it? The people I met were very ichiduki, nice, and accepting of the fact that I was not an American. He looks down and sees a silver steel being thrusts upon his abdomen.

So yeah, that’s pretty much all I did today. I was married when I was just Having trouble finding some good fanfictions to read?