K – English – Supernatural – Chapters: Needle Drama reviews prompt: At the moment, Jeff seemed to be having a deep, serious conversation with Wyatt about How will it affect their friendship? But the real question was where had he even gotten it? And then he comes around and says “It’s only the flu.

This must be what love really feels like. But let’s save the declarations of love until you’re not delirious with fever, alright? Blaine sank down woodenly just as Carole stuck the thermometer into his mouth. Maybe he really was sick. Blaine nodded and scrambled to pack all of his papers up. But first he stopped at the cafeteria and sweet-talked one of the cafeteria ladies into some chicken noodle soup, crackers, and ginger ale to bring to Blaine. Together, I think she and Burt make up the most amazing parents in the world.

FIc: “Sick Day” 1/1

He came down with it a few days ago. It was weird and disconcerting. New York Moments reviews day drabble series about Blaine. This was originally supposed to be a part of Your Steady Handsbut it ended up not fitting into the overall story. What if Kurt was the one saving Blaine Amber Robert on March 14th, P But yeah, this fic is really awesome: Oh god, your words hurt. Thank you so much for this. Character death Kitty Katastrophe: Being ill is for other people.


Blaine was in his bed, still in his pajamas, and there was a plastic trash can next to his bed. Would he really miss class like this for any of his friends? Blaine can’t make him drink and it’s inconceivable that he could get him to actually eat anything. And in Kurt’s fevered mind, he literally felt he was nothing at all, only a vessel for the personas he adorns on stage or there for Blaine alone, and as you eloquently put, he does so little for himself and when he does, it usually tires or hurts him.

homework flu glee fanfic

Finn had confessed to Kurt about the kiss with Quinn, and so of course Kurt had told Blaine as well. Blaine has to look after his four sisters after their parents are killed in an accident.

You wash up, I’ll make you some toast! Friday morning when Kurt woke up he felt like crap. The worst is over now.

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I loved the way she took care of Blaine, and the scene where he woke up and she flk singing made me have a case of the melancholy sads. Kurt is always right.


I guess I’ve loved taking care of people ever since. I need to finish it. And I really need to pee. For Kurt on laughing gas Glee – Rated: Blaine just stood there dumbly, watching her.

Blaine knew full well that Finn’s bout with mono over Valentine’s day had nothing to do with the kissing booth. And right homewor Kurt can’t prop Blaine up, Kurt can’t lift himself from his own illness, right now Kurt is a questionable quality. Too many words and too many of them too much Vengeance! Kurt cleaned up the dishes he’d brought, then grabbed Blaine’s assignment planner and went to track down Blaine’s teachers.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Joinedid: It’s not that Kurt is a wuss when it comes to horror movies, which he hates utterly and refuses to watch. You should ask Jeff, since they’re roommates.

homework flu glee fanfic

There’s no reason for both of us to miss out.