Philips Junior and St. I do not deem tasks age appropriate. It does not matter what it is – no two children can rise to their challenges in the same ways. What technology truly brings to education is accessibility. Meath Dublin 11 Dublin 13 Dublin 15 Dublin Every time I did a radio interview I would be contacted by all these people rurally in Ireland with no support.

They may walk faster, they may be quieter. Blakestown Mountview Educational Opportunities Programme is now in its 10th year of existence and has expanded to take in various new and innovative initiatives. Sections of this page. Why do no two dyslexics learn the same way? Through this series of programmes funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland through the television license fee, we will explore how people with disabilities overcome the challenges of living with a disability and how they break through these barriers to gain autonomy in their lives This week Episode 1 Raising Awareness Strengthening Abilities with Children. Special thanks to the interviewer! Recently I asked a series of people who have worked with me what do I do?

Meath Dublin 11 Dublin 13 Dublin 15 Dublin She also chose teachers with care so they would match the students. By the following September even though I set the school up for second level students I found myself taking on the transition age before you start big school. So, why are we still giving students such a hard time at such critical stages in the exam process?


Afterschool Homework

No one can be put on a scale and expected to fit. That is the whole point of doing them!

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The December issue is not just filled with all things Christmas! So much will have happened. The mocks are a test run – you are meant to make mistakes.

I guess all along the only judge of my work, research and methods had been the results my students have received. It’s always been a bit bizarre to be so outside the box.

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Mint Prints Printing Service. Along the way the methods have continued to develop in the background. What technology truly brings to education is accessibility. An amazing resource for parents- great for calming down kids who are in timeout, anxious or struggling with sensory overload!

Hence the tag line became “Develop Your Love of Learning”. homewor,

homework club blanchardstown

I remember this odd moment of describing the basic Purple Learning method to someone and them asking who’s work it was? During my initial assessments, yes sure it is blanchradstown very obvious to me what people cannot do, but it is equally obvious if they have fantastic visual pattern recognition or memory association skills.

So, it’s that time of year again when we wrap up and reflect on what we have done this year. Homeworm need it, deserve it, with absolutely no strings attached. Ongar – Ongar Community Centre.


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I have always felt there is a balance between supporting people currently in the system and making real change for the future. Summer programmes run in collaboration with Blanchardstown Youth Services in both St.

What book could they read it in? Irish Mother, October It always just about people and their personalities. I think one of the disadvantages of our technological world is that it is very removed from other people and parents.

I have written about The Mocks before, the top tips for why we do them and how we get through.

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Purple Psychology by Purple Psychology on iTunes. It brought my science and creative brain together. One step closer to fulfilling a personal dream of mine – “to make school a happier, creative, more successful and enjoyable place for all students, regardless of their differences” It must be the longest weekend on the planet! But the parents had no idea in many cases what the homewrk was about.

Because even after all these years I still remember what the teacher said to me in school at the age of 7. Like us on Facebook.