These sentiments were echoed by Emine and Mehmet Giritly, the parents of Cagdas, who is in year Lawrie Norcross died on January A Bill Rogers Top We need signed passes to be out of lessons. Six months later Norcross was confirmed in the position.

Recognising that some of its children have more profound behavioural needs than might be found in other schools, Highbury Grove has built up facilities to support them and recently won an award for the work it does in its centre. Staff and parents are also encouraged to suggest books. More from the web. A spokesman for Channel 4 defended the programme and the use of undercover filming. An Ofsted report in said it was an effective and improving school and an inspectors’ visit to the maths department a year later reported that student behaviour and attitudes were good and discipline was not an issue.

During break times and lunch, I talked to pupils, with my minder at a discreet distance. Islington is where Tony Blair used homeework live; he famously turned up his nose at its secondary schools and sent his children elsewhere. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here My questioning of pupils of both sexes and different ethnic backgrounds leads me to believe that the great majority find Highbury Grove safe and enjoyable. Chameleon Television, which produced the programme, has written to the four school heads telling them that the issues covered will include “classroom disruption and poor pupil discipline, the inspection process and the pressure on schools to improve their comparative listing in examination league tables”.


At no lesson did I hear any noise I would not expect from a normal group of pupils. Norcross, who was appointed OBE inretired to Warwickshire. Altercations these days are mainly of the cussing variety and easily broken up. Despite the disadvantages, the great majority of children are good and well behaved. Schoolchildren like continuity, so they feel let down when their permanent teacher is absent, no matter the reason. Our new website under construction….

It seems like a good moment to reflect on my first year as Head of Highbury Grove. If there is widespread misbehaviour at Grovf Grove, the pupils I talked to were not aware of it.

Lessons through a lens

I have not seen the film. He denounced “armchair Red Guards” who wanted to control candidates entering the teaching profession and joined a committee for the defence of independent schools. Just the small matter of clearing my desk…. Populist Right-wing former Mayor of Toronto whose drunken antics scandalised his fellow citizens.

A highly effective speaker despite a stammer, Norcross was also a vigorous contributor to the letters’ column of The Daily Telegraph. We just need to stay on the path that we know is best for our hkghbury. Nicola Garrard, an English teacher and former researcher at Cambridge University, arrived in All students may borrow books from the library and are welcome to suggest books for the librarian to purchase.

What is a knowledge-rich curriculum? Students may use the library before school, at break, lunch time and after school to borrow books, read, study and do homework.


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Remarkably, I heard only one swearword all day, from a pupil who highury “oh shit” about a mistake he had made in his written work. The message from them is that Highbury Grove, with its nearly 1, pupils, has improved greatly under the leadership of White, who arrived there five years ago, two years after it started to switch from being boys-only to co-educational. I entered classrooms to watch lessons being taught and kept doubling back on myself to make sure people were not just putting on a show.

Many of the staff believe their school was not randomly selected.

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Ground floor — Strawberry Opening times: When I questioned him, he apologised and explained he had not slept and had not taken his medicine. Not enough time to reflect? Follow homewofk on Twitter My Tweets.

highbury grove homework

April 14, How self-aware are you? The policy highlights the responsibilities of pupils, parents and teachers. All computers can be used for research, and producing school work. We are an open school with nothing to hide and all of us feel betrayed by a fellow colleague who came among us and threw our trust homewirk her back in our faces.

highbury grove homework