Allows the technical reproduction for the purpose of browsing and individual replication for private use. Dispatches from the front of the global- ization debate. On the contrary, the analyses in the four papers contain intersections between these themes, or indications of where these might be found. Although the Internet helped to spread some of these innovations through indirect channels, they were also promoted through transnational training sessions in nonviolent protest. More in general, national and international agencies have been put in charge of the coordination of various police bodies, with enforcement agencies such as the U.

As observed in the paper, there is already a significant body of literature on the spatial aspects of contentious politics, protest, and protest policing. Fendt Cutter drum mower. I argue that this, at least partly, demonstrates internal censoring within both groups, especially when relating to outsiders. Also in Sweden, the late s and s was a turbulent period with student revolt, anti-war and anti-nuclear demonstrations, as well as an in- creased frequency of wildcat strikes. In other words, there are reasons not to be overly pessimistic in terms of endlessly escalating spirals of violence between police and demonstrators. The relatively under-regulated quality of city space surrounding, inter alia, the summit meetings in Gothen- burg and Genoa might have been an effect of prioritising territorial control when the police were under strain Scholl ; the police retreat from territorial sovereignty in order to create a more stable frontier for the elite.

For many, the central problem is about how to avoid an escalation of violence.

The nature and future of comparative politics. When the police arrive to clear the streets leading to the summit, the demonstrators make no move to resist but apply the tactics they have learned during courses in nonviolence. In brief, grounded theory GT is a way of advancing theory by establish- ing links between, and merging, inductively grounded concepts. dissertatkon

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In addition, drawing diwsertation narrative theories also directs attention to the set of characters see e. From a Lefebvrian point of view the flows and abstract representations relating to space are in a dialecti- cal relationship with lived places of everyday life equating what Lefebvre calls representational spacemediated by spatial practices Merrifield Kvale, Steinar, and Svend Brinkmann.


With increasingly extensive legal and relative physical powers of the police, we can see from experience e. Finally, I want express my heartfelt gratitude to my family for being there, for being you. Tactical interaction becomes more pronounced in connec- tion with prolonged protest campaigns, where there is an ongoing conflict of interest between protesters and the authorities. He is responsible for business development and sales in the Americas, Middle East and Africa.

McAdam []hetibert the general argument that the degree of actual or perceived opportunities that is provided by the political context affects the emergence, development, and political outcomes of a social movement. Competition, as a more decentralized adaptation c.

GUPEA: The Making of Protest and Protest Policing: Negotiation, Knowledge, Space, and Narrative

Is it then possible to somehow combine the results of the analyses into one coherent and even plausible conclusion? She has published book reviews in Environmental Politics and Political Studies.

Narratives in Social Science Research. Protest policing corresponds to the fourth element of the POS, as listed by McAdam, although the relationship between repression and mobilization is by no means as simple as more repression equalling decreased political mobi- lization cf.

These studies often have a healthy critical edge towards the authorities and sensitivity towards the more subtle forms of coercion practiced by the police.

The Making of Protest and Protest Policing: Negotiation, Knowledge, Space, and Narrative

The Possibility of Naturalism: This brought me to Denmark to study political activists that protested during the Copenhagen EU summit reited De- cember the same year. The dilemma for protesters is that as dem- onstrations become routine, they tend to receive less attention and risk having very little impact. Although the Internet helped to spread some of these innovations through indirect channels, they were also promoted through transnational training sessions in nonviolent protest.

He studied law at the Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich. Despite the friendliness of most police officers, it was a problem that the participant observations were carried out during relatively short periods of time, which meant that there was little time to build up trust.

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First, the sentences of alleged partici- pants in the riots were exceptionally harsh, both historically, and in compari- son with equivalent sentencing in other Western countries. In the United States, before the summit of the World Economic Forum, the NYC police department called for zero tolerance against violent protesters, implementing arrests against anyone interfering with traffic using an edict of prohibiting three or more people from assembling in a public space wear- ing masks.


Heavy criticism emerged also in Gothenburg, where the usually civilized Swedish police were accused by the media and other observers of having lost control, engaging in a sort of police riot Peterson, dissertatioj The teaching of direct action involved the creation of dedicated organiza- tions for planning and carrying out these activities at countersummits. Some of these events are referred to in paper four.

Benford and Hunt From evidence from the electoral revolutions in Southeastern Europe and Central Asia, Valerie Bunce formulated the expectation that the geography of the intra-regional diffusion of protest against authoritarian leaders will be contained herihert a consequence of the radi- cal nature dissertafion the project, the mistaken assumption among many oppo- sitional groups as the wave continues that emulation does not require dress rehearsal, hard work or planning and the formidable resources authoritarian leaders command, in part because of the lessons they have culled by watching dictators fall in other countries.

These debates around meta-theoretical issues are generally enlightening and facilitate a healthy measure of reflexiv- ity in the social scientific endeavour. How- ever, the risk of loss of dizsertation distance seems to me to be an inherent trait of the hermeneutic situation when the researcher tries to understand the perspec- tive of the text.

How the New Police Repertoire Diffused Dizsertation transnational spread of police techniques was also diffused by a set of causal mechanisms that parallel remarkably the ones we singled out for the diffusion of protestor tactics.

heribert reiter dissertation

During one incursion, a carabinieri jeep becomes stuck and its occu- pants are attacked by demonstrators.