For Schmitt-Glaeser especially the part of the report looking into a possible deception by Guttenberg should not have been published. Jakob, Count of Eltz. It was determined that the youthful minister’s doctoral dissertation, awarded in , had been over-dependent on plagiarism. As secretary-general, Guttenberg called for tax cuts, [38] [39] an increase in family benefits [39] and structural reforms within the CSU to foster more direct political participation of the party base. In early , Guttenberg decided to push for fundamental Bundeswehr reforms in an effort to address the structural deficits within the German armed forces [] [] and to deal with declining defense budgets. To accomplish these reforms, Guttenberg proposed to reduce the armed forces to , active duty soldiers and to suspend the draft , [] [] [] resulting in the most comprehensive restructuring of the Bundeswehr since its founding in Regarding the Guttenberg GmbH, it had a capital stock of 1,, Euro and assets of more than ,, Euro.

Als Minister ist Guttenberg hervorragend” in German. On 23 February , the University of Bayreuth withdrew Guttenberg’s doctorate. The report started with the elaboration of the commission’s historical background, [] its internal duties within the Bayreuth University, also in relation to other committees like the university’s promotion commission. Retrieved 14 January It was also at Munich that he received his doctorate in Retrieved 8 December

Oliver Nicolai Lepsius was born in Munich.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The first political challenge facing defence minister Guttenberg was dealing with the Kunduz airstrike of 4 September Josephine, Countess Kinsky von Wchinitz und Tettau 3. Guttenberg gibt Familie Mitschuld an Doktorschmu”.


Two days later, minister Schavan in dissertatioon interview [90] criticized Guttenberg for his thesis: Baron Karl Theodor zu Guttenberg. There may be some confusion here.

Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg

Please check the German article for a clearer description. Guttenberg is a strong critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin ‘s expansionist foreign policy.

guttenberg dissertation wiki

If you want to add specific details to the article, please do so, but no copy-paste please. The report started with the elaboration of the commission’s historical background, [] its internal duties within the Bayreuth University, also in relation to other committees like the university’s promotion commission.

Cissertation plagiarism scandal refers to the German political scandal that led to the resignation of Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg as Minister of Defence of Germany over the plagiarism of his doctoral dissertation. In earlyGuttenberg introduced the concept of a Privileged Partnership between Turkey and the European Union as a viable alternative to accession of Turkey to the European Union into the German political discourse.

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Retrieved 23 January From the judicial proceeding on this case he expected a result solely based on facts without regard to gguttenberg person concerned. The demands placed upon him in this position have been estimated to have been relatively low. See “Pimp up your Lebenslauf”. Lassen wir die Zukunft von der Kette?


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Languages Dissertatoon Edit links. Guttenberg appeared together with Henry Kissinger during a CNN interview about the Ukraine crisis and explained the significant domestic political resistance that Merkel’s Russia policy faced in Germany. He then undertook his military service.

Guttenberg’s doctoral dissertation, “Verfassung und Verfassungsvertrag” “Constitution and Constitutional Treaty”had been the basis of his Doctorate from the University of Bayreuth. Juristen unterstellen Guttenberg Vorsatz”. Countess Emma Mikes de Zabola.

In Maya Diseertation of Bayreuth commission tasked with investigating Guttenberg’s dissertation came to the conclusion that Guttenberg had engaged in intentional deception in the writing of his dissertation, and had violated standards of good academic practice.

Baron Friedrich Mayr von Melnhof. The prosecutor found 23 prosecutable copyright violations in Guttenberg’s dissertation, but estimated that the material damage suffered by the authors of those texts was marginal.

Guttenberg plagiarism scandal

If you feel the link being caught by the blacklist is a false positive, or no longer needed on the blacklist, you may request the regex be removed wiiki altered at the blacklist request page. Maybe it is some kind of a “German issue”??! Defence Ministers of Germany. Habilitation cleared the way for an academic career, and in he took a position as professor for Public Law at Heidelberg University. It also meets WP: