Bee Bulletin has a pool of young and old writers who report on technology, travel, entertainment, events. Lord Vishnu too is said to have incarnated as Matsya, the fish, on this day. This festival is celebrated on the first day of the month of Chaitra, according to the Hindu calendar, which usually falls during March-April according to the Gregorian calendar. See more of Gudi Padwa by logging into Facebook. The area selected for raising the Gudi should be cleaned and then a Swastik rangoli should be drawn on the ground.

Devotees participate in a procession to celebrate Gudi Padwa, in Mumbai pic by Ravindra Zende kemmannu. It symbolizes victory against evil, good luck, and prosperity. Towards the first day of the month of Chaitra Padva , the sun assumes a position above the Vasant intersection the point of intersection of the equator and the meridians and the spring season commences. On this day one should start ploughing the soil. Thus the Gudi should be worshipped within minutes after sunrise!

During the spring, Tags: The prajapati frequencies enter the house from the atmosphere using the gudhi as a medium. This is the Pavwa New Year day.

Gudi Padwa – The Indian Festival

The needy should be given all kinds of offerings as per our capacity. Another historical event associated with Gudi Parwa is the victory of the Sakas over the Huns. To some, it commemorates the coronation of Rama in Ayodhya after his victory over evil Ravana, or alternatively the start of Shalivahan calendar after he defeated the Huns invasion in the 1st century. This date is glorious in all ways — as per the cycle of Nature and it also has historical and spiritual significance.


Chaitra Shukla Pratipada is a sacred day for the Hindus. The Gudi then is a symbol of victory and prosperity. Part of a series on.

gudi padwa essay in sanskrit

Details about marathi new year, gudi padwa, marathi new year celebrations, maharastrian new year festival, marathi. Election Results Live. Browse our Gudi Padwa sms collection in Marathi. The vibrancy of festival lies in its prosperity and well being that embraces the onset of the new year with the sprinkle of traditions all over! The spot selected should be on the right side of the entrance when facing outwards from the entrance of the home.

Main traditions Vaishnavism Shaivism Shaktism Smartism. This divided the Hindu society. Though the name Ugadi by which it is known there is different.

gudi padwa essay in sanskrit

The Gudi is placed either at the gate or outside the window. For the people of Mahrashtra, there is an added significance to this festival. Oil should be applied to retain the elasticity of the skin. On this day one should wake up early sansrit the morning and take an oil bath. This festival is known.

I am a hard and smart working individual who is self-motivated and believes in learning something new every day. In Punjab the new year is celebrated as Baisakhi falling mostly on 13th or 14th April, first day of month Naisakh of the Bikram Samavt or calendar.


What is the importance of Gudi Padwa festival?

gudi padwa essay in sanskrit

By Bae Love on April. Post this, they bathe in special oils and aromatics. About Us Gudi Gudi, meaning Brahma’s.

Sanskrit | “Yashogaan”

These can either be eaten directly or ground into a paste and used in a special preparation along with jiggery and certain seeds. Notify me of new posts by email.

A Gudhi Padwa new year festive procession in Maharashtra. Users are requested to review the revised Privacy Policy before im the website services, as any further use of the website will be considered as User’s consent to MapsofIndia Privacy Policy and Terms. Get help with your writing. The vibrant colors of the rangoli and the flowers used in its making reflect the splash of colors and life that this season brings with it. Globalisation does easay mean that we should discard our conscience and accept with open arms anyone who comes from across the seas, without giving a thought to the pros and cons of our action.

Gudi is made by tying a bright green or yellow cloth.