But in this case it was going to happen with or without me. It was unusual for him to be in the city at that time, when he would normally be on assignment elsewhere in the world, documenting conflicts. He tells the story in a calm, almost matter-of-fact tone of voice: This is sort of a test case of mass appeal. Notify me of new comments via email. And at that point I realized that we were in the street, although it was just as black in the street as it was in the hotel lobby, and that we would be able to find our way out. Please click on the photographs for a larger version of the image.

It was actually a very beautiful sight, with the smoke and the metal and the paper against the blue sky. I spent a couple of years in Beirut during various sieges and bombardments. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: When the first town fell, people ran in panic. He lives in Larchmont, New York, and is based there as well as California. Three days before the start of the Iraq War in , Hayne Palmour IV captured the baptism of a Marine by a Navy chaplain in Kuwait, in a pool of water constructed from sandbags.

It seemed like a movie set from a science-fiction film, very apocalyptic—sunlight filtering through the dust and the destroyed wreckage of the buildings lying in the street. Andrew Savulich 4 photographs – Temporal Image A unique and informative site that discusses photographers and their visual works. He continues to cover conflict around the world. I think they instinctively try to keep us away from anything. Library includes photographs of certain documents and artifacts from Kennedy’s life.


The site also includes biographical information on Sarah Vowell, her writings, and commentary on her work.

Icons: The 9/11 Series, Part 3

Burrows follows a man through a rescue attempt in Vietnam; Heisler documents a Marine major assigned to casualty notifications. Not him, not yet. They were frightened, some were hurt in a minor way.

ground zero james nachtwey essay

It was very disturbing to see this massive destruction in my own city, in my own country. James Nachtwey by Peter Howe. It was very difficult to breathe.

I saw an open elevator and dashed inside. The sheer magnitude of it, the unreality, the horror, the futility, the insane, evil brilliance of the attack and the plain fact that it succeeded, the ways in which it changed nachtweu world, an overwhelming, unbearable sense of loss, because photography is a form of memory, a physical manifestation of it, and some memories want to be locked away, and I was unlocking them.

Were they getting in the way? Put my back against the wall, thinking that it would afford some protection, which it did, and about a second later the lobby was taken out. It has been a great learning nachywey and my admiration for photographers of all types has increased. I had a hat on, so I put it over my groudn and began to breathe through it.

ground zero james nachtwey essay

People who had been drawn towards the scene now started fleeing in panic in a futile attempt to outrun the enveloping cloud of smoke and ash. I put my back against the wall, and about a second later the lobby was taken out.


James Nachtwey by Peter Howe – The Digital Journalist

A lot of them lost their lives. I realized that very clearly and went about doing my job.

ground zero james nachtwey essay

Enter James Nachtwey’s Photo Gallery. Under the circumstances this boiled down to respecting the rescue workers and not essy their efforts. It is the ninth day that he has been working on the story and he looks very, very tired. He is a man who jzmes used to pushing himself to the limit, but there has to come a point where that limit stops. And together, this other man and I crawled, groping, trying to find our way out.

Revisiting 9/11: Unpublished Photos by James Nachtwey

It was a minute walk. Then I wanted to go directly to the site. You are commenting using your WordPress. In a supply shack, hands covering his face, an exhausted, worn James Farley gives way to grief.

I have spent hours researching and finding photographs on the Internet to support the posting. Torgovnik jamez, Jonathan C.

Seeing & Writing 2

The first day that Time. When I got there, people were being evacuated from both towers. I spent a couple of years in Beirut during various sieges and bombardments. The place was filled with firemen and rescue workers and police, and I was not need to play that role.