My father was right in saying thatballet dancers are drilled to count to eight. March 28, at 6: Offer yourself to a cause biggerthan your own needs or ambition. Given this opportunity, the diploma would have to wait. Believe me, you will need theirsupport. Who is Liza Macuja, the famous ballet dancer? They no longer think of the overall picture.

Push yourself through rejection. Of course, he also wanted to take part in the yearend dance concert of CADs Company of the Ateneo Dancers since it was already his last. Sometimes closing your eyes and taking that leap of faith will get you there—even if it makes you pass through a lot of heartaches and failure along the way. Find ways to make your dreams meaningful toothers as well. Well, the company just celebrated its 20th anniversary last month with five times the number of dancers, plus a school and a scholarship foundation that promises a steady supply of well-trained ballet dancers to continue our mission of bringing ballet to the people and people to the ballet in the many years to come! Lisa, then, is more than happy to teach them how to dance to their own beat. This one is a quote I saw on social media but which I felt was truly valid and real:

When I was seventeen, fresh out ofhigh school, I found myself standing at a crossroad in my life: In a way, my father was right.

A speech that will be ‘remembered for a long, long time’

Although I married a magna cum laude from Harvard. Your emotions are a part of who you are. For they all helped out to prepare you well.


graduation speech lisa macuja

Instead, they make us human. In a way, my father was right. ICE deports Filipino murder suspect. And it will push you to go forward and excel because at a certain point, your dream becomes like oxygen.

J When I was 15, he made me write alist of what I wanted to be and should have done by the age of The discipline first shaped my mind and spirit — then mybody eventually followed. Nothing else mattered but my art.

Given this opportunity, thediploma would have to wait.

Treat every time you get to practice yourprofession as a performance. In the end, she pursued her intention and now Liss know howmy parents felt back then — extremely proud!

Graduation speech lisa macuja

This — plusan attitude of gratitude, an overwhelming sense of appreciation for beingexactly where I was and the miracle of how I even got there. We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. This—plus an attitude of gratitude, an overwhelming sense of appreciation for being exactly where I was and the miracle of how I even got spech.

graduation speech lisa macuja

Whatever it is you are passionate about, you need to keep at it and practice. Working with numbers was nevermy forte — unless of course it involves counting to 8.

The full text of the speech follows: Media personality It sperch on March 11, when Lisa Macuja-Elizalde launched her radio show aptly billed as ‘Art 2 Art’, with the hope to nurture a relationship between the Filipino audience and the artists, thereby, further promoting art consciousness to the public with a lively exchange of speeches and experiences by guest artists on radio.


Working spesch numbers was never my forte—unless of course it involves counting to 8. Take this moment now to thank your parents,teachers, mentors, administrators, family, colleagues, your Manongs and Manangsand your friends.

Daily Musings: Commencement Speech – Lisa Macuja-Elizalde’s 8 Points

You see, I come from a certified Blue Eagle family. This is a great art; macuja it is her art and her natural talent. It was a life that was filled with change and adaptation—new culture, new language, new dogmas, a new method of ballet training, new weather conditions… Then eventually, I had to make new friends and satisfy new mentors.

FIFTH For aperforming artist, the performance is the product and thus, the most importantpart of your work.

graduation speech lisa macuja

Decide and commit to something that you arepassionate about. No money, no connections, just a lot of drive and dreams to begin with. After three decades of dancing,I still gag before going onstage!

Ravenfox’s Haven: A Memorable Message for the Graduates by Lisa Macuja Elizalde

Honor your emotions and acknowledge your fears. You need it to breathe. All the classes, rehearsals, warm-ups and preparation culminate into that one performance.

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