Students are able to tailor their individual curriculum by choosing from a large number of courses and events. During the Master’s year, all students carry out three lab rotations of eight weeks in the research labs of the programme or in research labs of participating local industry. Actually, this is not a difficult matter. Click here to sign up. Keep me logged in. Applicants will first agree with their future supervisor on an application.

Many of them offer internships and student jobs. After you have been accepted, a formal application to GGNB is necessary. When you order online you will be certain that your orders are ready when you arrive at the Dana Cup. The research-oriented programme includes the following topics: Many international students live in student residences. First of all it is all about playing some exciting football games but at the Dana Cup there are also some breaks between matches so you can take advantage of some extra exciting experiences from us.

Online registration at http: Some of these companies are spin-offs from university research projects. The doctoral programme is designed to bring these fields together, thus shaping submiesion new generation of scientists who are equally familiar with quantitative and mathematical approaches as they are with the complexities of biological nervous systems.

GGNB Molecular Biology – International Max Planck Research School (MSc/PhD)

Proven higher education in English or a reasonably long stay in an English-speaking country may also be accepted. Many international students live in student residence halls that have single or shared apartments with individual rooms.

Criteria for the award were an innovative concept, a high degree of internationalisation, scientific excellence in teaching, measures of quality tgnb, services and counselling and the alumni record. Message was successfully sent. Fellowships are available for each phase of the programme.


ggnb thesis submission

Academic requirements Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in the life sciences, chemistry, medicine, or related fields Applications are welcome even if the required degree has not been awarded by the time of application, as long as it will be conferred before courses start in October.

Also, try to avoid using different lettering sizes and fonts — keep it as simple as possible. Skip to main content. Another issue is which paper to quote for the discussion of a finding to which many groups have contributed.

How do supramolecular complexes and interacting subcellular structures contribute to adaptive single neuron computation? Please note that fees for health insurance may vary according to age. There are also apartments available for couples and families with children.

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Accommodation for 5, students and excellent canteens run by the student services organisation “Studentenwerk” allow for a high quality of life at a low cost. The doctoral programme emphasises independent research carried out by the students.

ggnb thesis submission

Also, conclusions you draw from results that are the basis for the next set of experiments need to be stated. Alternatively, you can play an active role in the student union, which sponsors many cultural and recreational events. Click in and see where, when and who your team will meet in one of the largest and most well known youth soccer tournaments in the World. Since advice and guidance are crucially important for the successful outcome of a university career, the university is constantly improving and extending its performance in this area.

Electron microscopy of fractions of early endosomes isolated by the standard procedure …. Travel grants are available. Application deadline Application is possible independent of deadlines.

ggnb thesis submission

All efforts will be made to ensure prompt and efficient decisions and their communication to the candidates. Services and support for international students Comprehensive services and support in both academic and extracurricular activities from application to graduation are provided by the coordination office.


For beginners, this is often the most difficult part, and it is also the last one you should write.

Your Path to Studying in Germany

Keep in mind, though, that an Introduction is not a textbook chapter. All aspects that lead to the work must be integrated without loosing sight of the focus. Please note that for doctoral submixsion, accommodation services are only available if you have a low income. Furthermore, it is often helpful to deal with small accessory arguments in the Results rather than the Discussion, thus allowing you to focus on the major issues in the Discussion rather than dealing with petty details.

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JavaScript scheint in Ihrem Browser deaktiviert zu sein. A three-week orientation prior to the programme provides assistance and advice for managing daily life including arrangements for a bank account, health insurance, residence permit, visa extension, and accommodation.

Doctoral research is complemented by research lectures and colloquia, PhD seminars, advanced methods courses, training in professional skills such as scientific writing, presentation skills, intercultural communication, project management, team-leadership skills, conflict resolution, ethics and career development. Currently, expenses for accommodation, food, health insurance, and books reach approx.

Many gggnb students live in student residence halls that have single or shared apartments with individual rooms. During the doctoral phase, individual counselling is provided by thesis committees.