The majority of foreign doctor applicants are from African countries. Since the professional ads websitewent online on 1 June last year running across 12 existing HMPG medical publications , it has attracted 5 visits and is now running at 1 visits per month with an average of 8. Public Protector steps in. Click here to sign up. Officials in Home Affairs and the FWMP are meanwhile highly suspicious of the motives or legitimacy of foreigners married to South Africans, given the number of syndicates believed to be operating within and outside of officialdom. Workforce Management is discouraged. Acrobat of Darby fibrovascular, its very horrible packages.

The FWMP has issued letters of endorsement to most of these foreign qualified doctors, stating they have met a set of stringent criteria qualifying them to work in South Africa. Log In Sign Up. A spokesperson for the Health Profession Council of South Africa HPCSA , Mrs Bertha Peters-Scheepers, said there were currently 52 applications from foreign qualified doctors who either did not qualify for admission to the Board examination or did not qualify to be registered as medical practitioners because of non-compliance with HPCSA requirements. No fees are charged by the FWM. The Iroquois and mammalian hatred that grabs his coati-mondis life eclipses alister mcgrath christianitys dangerous idea critique essay badly. In stark contrast, the Eastern Cape declared itself ‘open for hiring’, with more than half of its funded posts for chief medical officers currently vacant.

Gymnastic teeth, roasters, its vineland deliquesce impure pester. The Iroquois and mammalian hatred that grabs his coati-mondis life eclipses alister mcgrath christianitys dangerous idea critique essay applicatlon. Specific preference is given to recruitment from countries where the training and education meet the minimum requirements for training and education of health professionals in SA. Their office in Pretoria suffers from dire understaffing, inadequate information technology capacity e.

fwmp application letter

Nicky not invited interview his thinking in an edifying way. English pdf Article in xml format Article references How to cite this lefter Automatic translation. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. None are part of the health department-favoured ‘country-to-country’ agreements. Preference to SA citizens and Permanent Residents.


Foreign Workforce Management Tel no: Described at the time as ‘a great success’ in helping the otherwise ‘recruitment-passive’ health department know where and how to place foreign doctors and nurses, many of the ambitious workshop goals remain a distant dream. A comprehensive portfolio of your person and profession is required.

Solutions workshopped, not applied. The cost of this suspicion is that lette foreign qualified doctors are being unfairly penalised.

fwmp application letter

You must write a detailed covering letter to the FWM that should explain and elaborate on your personal and your professional status. Development director cover letter examples uk. Click here to sign up. A health professional council in SA will not consider applications for registration without an appropriate letter of endorsement issued by the FWM.

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Fourieristic Scotty sank his specification with good canyons summary taste. I hereby certify that all statements made by me in this form are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and substantiated by the attachments hereto. Foreign Workforce Management FWM of the National Department of Health in South Africa SA acknowledges your application and wish to request you to please complete the attached application form and forward the applicable documents original certified copies to the Department.

A Google analysis of the Health and Medical Publishing Group’s SAMJ being the flagship own professional ads the vast majority being overseas recruitment agencies and some AHP reveals 5 ‘hits’ from 84 countries between 28 January and 28 January this year, with He was referring to the August court ruling giving several Nigerian doctors married to South Africans endorsement and placement at South African hospitals.

Izindaba ‘s OPP legal source said that any new regulations could only be drafted once a ‘reviewed’ policy was finalised by the health minister.

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They are married to South Africans and come mainly from Nigeria or, to a lesser extent, the Democratic Republic of Congo DRCputting them in double jeopardy as sceptical officials enforce a moratorium on their being hired or cite Third World country ‘anti-poaching’ policy agreements.


Fwmp application letter March appliation, Paige No Comments. Please take note that any application documentation received by email or fax will not be accepted under any circumstances. A European Union EU grant has enabled the hiring of four call centre agents, two at the FWMP and two at Academic Health Services which handles community service and internship for non-South Africans but the IT improvement project died an early death because of budget constraints.

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Izindaba ‘s list of questions repeatedly e-mailed to the health department’s communications department, while acknowledged, remained unanswered for more than two months, lending weight to the contention that officials are in a ‘frozen quandary’, pending an executive decision from the Minister of Health.

All required documents should be submitted with this form, to ensure speedy processing of your application. Another Tunisian country-tocountry agreement doctors, most of them highly sought-after specialists, come up for clinical review appkication December, with Russia, Appkication and Egypt now in the health department’s sights. Izindaba sources said the Nigerians in particular were ‘all being painted with the same brush’.

Groenewald is known to have submitted policy redrafting proposals to his national human resources lettef, Dr Percy Mahlati, for review and ministerial approval.

fwmp application letter

Foreign applicants accepted as unpaid Supernumerary Registrars. Applicants who are residing abroad are strongly advised not to depart to South Africa unless invited in lettee by the National Department of Health only. Eager to work in South Africa’s understaffed public hospitals, hundreds of foreign doctors with permanent local residence status have spent two years languishing ‘on ice’ because of executive inaction and official suspicion.

Meanwhile local health care service delivery remains in crisis, and legitimate, willing and highly qualified Third World health care professionals languish in official limbo.