The language evaluation is desired by the initial internal deadline. Did you receive tutoring from a native speaker? You will revise it many times as you revise the essay as a whole. What problems or questions intrigue you? Be sure you understand where your specific program stands on this. How did you become What sorts of things have you done outside of the classroom?

In it you can provide the committee with a sense of your personality and your interests. Your personal statement should not be a narrative version of your resume, listing events, activities, and accomplishments one after the other. You are encouraged to work with a writing proctor even at this early stage. What qualifications do you have for this assignment? This is an opportunity to expand on your proposed host country engagement, whether or not your country requires a side project.

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Did you receive tutoring from a native speaker? However, this page is often the first thing that your readers will see, and as such, it is crucial; it sattement the tone for your entire application. If so, what were these obstacles and how did you face them? As the Fulbright English Teaching Assistant grant deadline approaches on October 11, it can be overwhelming to draw the final versions of your essays and application together.

This is the most important part of your statement, and it will likely be one of the hardest parts for you to write.

fulbright eta personal statement tips

Share on Twitter Tweet. The Foreign Language Self-Evaluation Coming as it does at the end of the application, this form can be easy to pwrsonal through. Subscribe to our mailing list.

Tips for Polishing Your Fulbright ETA Application

A free writing process will help you sort through your experiences and narrow your focus to two stahement three central issues or experiences you can use to frame and anchor your essay.


Talking over your experiences and reviewing your initial thoughts with someone else can help you narrow your focus and determine what you really want to discuss in your personal statement.

fulbright eta personal statement tips

The rule fulbrjght thumb here is to use concrete examples to illustrate your points. Your goal in this personal statement is to give the committee a sense of who you are and how you became interested in applying for this particular project in the context of an international exchange.

ETA Application

The personal statement is the best place to include this information. Consider ways to show, often indirectly, evidence of adaptability, flexibility, and maturity throughout this essay. Consider the following questions:.

Two one-page essays are the centerpiece of your Fulbright application. Consider the following questions: Tipw Fulbright personal statement is an opportunity for you to share with the committee information about yourself that is not available in other parts of the application.

It is considered courteous to ask at least three weeks to a month in advance of a deadline. In the Statement of Grant Purpose, you will explain how you are equipped to fulfill the specific statmeent activities desired for your country placement and any additional assignments, projects, or other kinds of involvement the ETA role there entails.

Share on Facebook Share. Keep in mind that engagement with the community in the host county is an important criterion in selection as the primary purpose of the Fulbright Program is to encourage mutual understanding between people from ets U. Your personal statement should not be a narrative version of your resume, listing events, activities, and accomplishments one after the other. Will you thrive abroad?


fulbright eta personal statement tips

What teaching, language, or other experience qualifies you for the ETA, and the specific requirements of that country? Biographical information, lists of extracurricular activities, travel history, work experience, and other data is all entered directly into the portal. If you have any language skills at all for the destination country, you should complete a fhlbright self-evalulation. Others discuss their passion for travel, the topic of their proposal, or the host country, detailing the origins of their interest and how it evolved.

Focus on achieving fluency in fulbriight These can be personal, academic, or extracurricular, including any significant insights or experiences that relate to your interest in international exchange, the host country in which you hope to do your work, or the specific project or area of study you statemnet to state,ent. Writing a personal statement is an exercise in self-reflection. What have you learned from your extracurricular or work experiences, dtatement how have those experiences contributed to your growth?

What are your post-fellowship goals and how will the Fulbright opportunity help you achieve your goals? Even if not required, getting an evaluation is wise if you have any language skills at all for the country. Have you discussed how you will address the needs of the country you are applying to? Like a research proposal, the abstract is a summary of the main points of your application.

Some applicants choose to write an intellectual autobiography highlighting the key moments in their academic development.