At the dawn of the 21st century there were still a handful of these places in Manhattan. We accommodated and compromised, as spouses are supposed to, but the affectionate sacrifices of love became confused with the saccharine deference we all give the ill. Opinion Show more Opinion links. Even if we resist change, try to hoard memories, they leave us. We just become different people.

Personal Finance Show more Personal Finance links. Our friends in town came to see us, brought food, tried to cheer us up, the atmosphere somewhere between hospital visiting hours and Victorian salon call. My wife was no better but also no worse, having slept 12 hours. The roof is badly bowed and there may not be glass in the second-floor windows. She ventured a bagel.

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A carpenter and a butcher. Black furniture, white everything else. Opinion Show more Opinion links. Why should he record excursions by which nothing could be learned? All this is well-documented, but I can never convince myself it happened.

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Personal Finance Show more Personal Finance links. The entry just managed to hold two stacks of cages, eight feet by six, each about five feet tall. I know William Buckman lived there when he was drafted into the army in The divorce became final just short of five years after that trip to Manhattan.


His first book, Harvestis due for publication with The Bodley Head in In those days the building was owned by the Ball family, who had a carpentry shop there until they moved from a tenement on Prince Street to Connecticut. My life is no different. Being miserable in our own home was appealing. Memories of being laid low in a Manhattan hotel by a honeymoon virus prompt a journey into the more distant past.

Shakespeare in the Village and a stale musical at one of the depressing multi-stage compounds just off Broadway. Get a fresh start.

ft bodley head essay prize

Between the Balls and the Falcos, two families are connected with the building for over a century of its life. It stood at Grand Street, in between Lafayette and Centre, and we never managed to figure out whether we were in Soho or Little Italy or Chinatown.

We had to organise the exotic, disorienting clamour to find practical landmarks: The cops evidently blew their headd — when they came to make arrests the place was dt. That was six years ago, when The Bodley Head, an imprint of Random House, and the Financial Times launched the first edition of our prize for the brightest and best new voices in long-form essay-writing.

Once the stench got into the walls it was probably impossible to do anything else with the place. Listen to this article Play audio for this article Pause Before the Balls, around the civil war, Grand slips out of focus.


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Get a fresh start. The hotel was a new building: Listen to this article Play audio for this article Pause The layout of their fields and paths became the street plan of the neighbourhood.

ft bodley head essay prize

Prizee is bracing to picture one of its celebrity tenants — Winona Ryder, say — cracking a window on a hot day to be met with the noise of chickens, the reek of festering gristle. We were out of phase: Who would live above a slaughterhouse?

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The character of the relationship changes in some indistinct way, like an optometrist flipping between two nearly correct lenses.

Terms and conditions apply. Still tourists in our marriage, we had no feeling for the local yet. We were actually too late. No one priae me that getting married opens a temporary distance between spouses. Report a mispronounced word.