Later in the paper Freud posited the possibility that Pankejeff had instead witnessed copulation between animals , which was displaced to his parents. Pankejeff also disputed Freud’s claim that he had been cured, and said he resented being ‘propaganda’ and ‘a showpiece for psychoanalysis. He himself — he was a vigorous old fellow — would be the base of the pyramid. Initially the father preferred his son, but later they became estranged and the father preferred his sister and the boy felt slighted. Dora case study List of people whose parent committed suicide Screen memory. His is one of the longest on-going case histories. Desire maintained in the Symbolic The boys desire was included and maintained in his psyche through a symbolic structure that denied its existence and refused its articulation.

The analysis was characterised by resistance and misrecognition and it became a locus of considerable critical work with psychoanalytic reinterpretations on one side trying to repair or deny the problematic analysis, and on the other side critics using it as a focus to attack Freudian psychoanalytic method and theory. This lasted 3 years and led to a period of 5 months further analysis by Ruth Mack Brunswick. Instead of normal psychosexual development, infantile neurosis resulted from the repression of his sexual desires. In , his older sister Anna committed suicide while visiting the site of Mikhail Lermontov ‘s fatal duel, and by Sergei began to show signs of serious depression himself. The tailless wolf, terrified by the recollection, ran away and all the others tumbled down.

In this way he drained off his sexual current which had taken the form of unconscious homosexuality. Erotogenic Zones of the Body: The tailor hit after him with treud yard — no he corrected himselfcaught him by his tail and pulled it off, so that the wolf ran away in terror. Later in the paper Freud posited the possibility wofman Pankejeff had instead witnessed copulation between animalswhich was displaced to his parents.


The Wolf Man and Sigmund Freud. She committed suicide in Displaced memory of Copulation Later Freud posited the possibility that Pankejeff witnessed copulation between animals, then displaced to his parents.

wolfman case study freud

Freud interpreted the dream in such a way as to convince himself that the patient at 18 months of age had been shocked by seeing his parents have intercourse three times in succession and that this played a major part in the extreme fear of being castrated by his father which Freud ascribed to him at 4 years of age.

At last I grew quieter, felt as though I had escaped from some danger and went to sleep again. He devoted his unpublished seminar from to the Wolf Man as it was this case that enabled Lacan to focus on language as the cipher of the subject. For the next six years, Freud collected money for the sustenance of Pankejeff and his wife.

The Wolfman and Other Cases

His is one of the longest on-going case histories. He played with him and felt very proud of his father, declaring he wanted to be a gentleman like him. Split — Alteration — Contradictory Character: Who Was the Wolf Man? Total psychoanalytic treatment approx. Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. She is described as an eccentric and quarrelsome person who was addicted to alcohol. woltman

freud case study wolfman

Views Read Edit View history. When I speak of his having rejected it, the first meaning of the phrase is that he would have nothing to do with it, in the sense of having repressed it.

Jun 24, Pages. Silenced by the signifying network of his family and society, a gap opened in his psyche like a traumatic wound and drew future symbolisation into its orbit of failed expression.


Click here to sign up. Cure through Language — Memory Tracing Pankejeff would talk about forgotten memories of his childhood, related to the complicated attachments he had to his pre-schizophrenic sister. Analysis proper from October — July His emerging genital development was thwarted and he was unable to express his libido.

His identification with his mother, meant that he was in her place during the sexual scene.

Freud’s eventual analysis along with Pankejeff’s input of the dream was that it was the frfud of Pankejeff having witnessed a ” primal scene ” — his parents having sex a tergo “from behind” or ” doggy style ” — at a very young age. Children displace mixed ambivalent emotions towards the father onto an animal, but this freur does not bring an end to the conflict since the animal is regarded with both fear and interest.

freud case study wolfman

Summary of the Wolfman study – passmoresfalcon. The Dream and the Primal Scene V. A Comment on the Wolf-Man. Lieberman and Robert Kramer. Freud treated Pankejeff six times a week for nine months of each year, Oct — June. I had had such a clear and life-like picture of the window opening and the wolves sitting on the tree.

Pankejeff’s dream would play a major role in Freud’s theory of psychosexual developmentand along with Irma’s injection Freud’s own dream, which launched dream analysisit was one of the most important dreams for the developments of Freud’s theories.

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