Not just that, they are recruiting jobs as well. I love the pitch that they can sell in countries worldwide. I was hoping someone may be able to help me with answering some questions about 1: There is nothing on the internet, the website is a joke, its obvious they did this intentionally as a business strategy. It gave me the impression that FG Express has a price policy that primarily will result in sale of distributor kits. Nobody said anything about buying from the company. This promotion is awarded based on nothing more than affiliate paying more upon joining the company.

Ok, breathe of fresh air. There is nothing else on the market that can do what Powerstrips have done for Mr. I can connect with this type of person though. My result is strictly anecdotal, and I understand there are those who may be skeptical…and I respect that. This is a grass roots movement and it is time thst people took back control of our health and our finances regardless of the negative comments from the cynics who believe your nonsense about illegal pay plans or imporoper product claims. Mary Can you tell something about the marketing methods?

After a year now using the strips her life is so much better and she will continue to use them.

Earl Mindell who is the worlds top author on supplements who sold over 10 million copies of The Vitamin Bible worldwide is in our business and promoting our product?

Is it really legal to run an MLM based on a pay to play system?

fgxpress business plan

I have tried the power strips on my husbands legs as he gets the occasional cramping in his legs re diabetes. If you can’t enable JavaScript try visiting the legacy website. Categories Home Based Business. Lots of spite for a product that does every single thing claimed and then some. You basically have two choices when joining FGXpress.


ForeverGreen – FGXpress in Ottawa, ON | | ca

It is a topical device therefore non transdermal. This is a true story and it occurred this morning, May 22, I await the day when you will be forced to do the right thing and write a blog apologizing for your arrogant and totally incorrect views on what is destined to one day be the 1 MLM company in the world FGXpress.

Despite your negative and self serving comments FGXpress is exploding worlldwide because our patch works! My husband has neuropathy in his hands and feet, mainly numbness, not really pain.

fgxpress business plan

I got involved after a friend shared a PowerStrip with me. Dan and Brad keep things up to date and make sure they deliver what they promise on their strategy call. Most of the attendees at presentation meetings seemed to be elderly people but I have only looked busiess ONE video. I hope this FGXpress information helped you out.

ForeverGreen | Compensation Plan

I would like to know more about the joining fee, I am in Namibia and also want to see the business plan. More MLM companies need to do this as most people do not want to have to join a company to buy their product s.

As the above copy from the FGXpress compensation plan explains, the underlying focus of the opportunity is to sign up new affiliates in little XTribes and convincing them to recruit their own XTribes.


Same class as band aids and gauze pads. I am a lic massage therapist for 27 years. Could anyone point me to some fgxppress trials or evidential findings? I live in liberia Reply. Giving away free samples is product oriented, an attempt to sell products more than an attempt to sell an opportunity. I urge anyone out there to poan persevering through the pain and reach fgxpess pleasure.

Power of the placebo. You learn how to recruit and get people to go under you, or you quit and find a different modeling opportunity. FGXpress your nonsense about illegal pay plans or imporoper product claims.

You have to, not only run ggxpress product selling, but you also have to recruit to bring people on your team and help them develop online marketing skills so they are successful. Oct 16th, at 2: Bought dozens of them, tried them on a dozen people and they had zero results. I added some missing details.

FGXpress Review: “Pay to play” & autoship concerns

I doubt they would claim FDA approval unless they had it. I have to say, you get this missing info if you order the very same pack as affiliate. I was called in to explain the product.

fgxpress business plan

Oct 13th, at 6: