The chair also indicates the decision on this form. For more information on the thesis writing process, please see the detailed guide on the FGPS website. Arrive early at the room where the defence will take place. May be presented either in progress. If the student misses this date, there are financial and possibly other consequences.

In defining the scope of the project, students should bear in mind the following rough guidelines for the length of the finished research paper or thesis:. None of these eliminates the need for plain old willpower and self-discipline, but they can help, especially combined with the strategies for establishing good writing habits described in the books by Bolker, Zerubavel, and Single. Research fund fcrf new ideas or overwhelmed writing. There are many different research management software programs, each with slightly different features, but all designed to help you keep track of your expanding library of online and print publications, pdf articles, notes, and bibliographies for your thesis chapters and other writing projects. Title Page The title page should include the title of the MRP or thesis; the degree sought MA or PhD ; the name of the student; the name of the supervisor s ; and the date of submission to the graduate committee. Research subject code; outline of economics university. Procedure following a verdict 2:

It is not unusual for a research paper or thesis proposal to be returned to the student for revisions. An MA thesis typically is about pages in length, and consists of an introduction, three chapters, and a conclusion. The thesis proposal is submitted to the thesis committee at least four weeks before the date of the proposal defense. It is important that the student submits the final draft to his or her thesis supervisor sufficiently early in the term.

The major research paper MRP and thesis proposal is a definition of the critical question that a student wishes to pursue in his or her thesis. The student must submit paper copies if necessary to the office responsible for the organization of the evaluation and the defence of his or her thesis.


After the successful defence and correction of the thesis, the student must get the approval from the thesis supervisor. In the unlikely event that the student changes supervisors, a new form must be submitted to document the appointment of the new supervisor. Procedure following a verdict 1: It must also include a review of the relevant literature and a clear statement of the hypothesis to be tested, and, in the case of qualitative research, research questions to be addressed.

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Submission and evaluation

Verdict 3 The thesis is NOT accepted for the degree. The chair begins the oral defence by inviting the candidate to present the subject of the thesis. The candidate should discuss with the supervisor about what else could be done to get ready.

Visit the Faculty of Education website. The proposal for the MA or PhD thesis shares the basic requirements of the MRP proposal, and in addition, it should demonstrate that the student has read widely in the field and show how the proposed thesis project will relate to and build on what other scholars have said about the chosen topic. The student must register for a uottawa session within this day period.

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After receiving the decision from the student to move to the oral defence, the faculty organizes the oral defence at a time acceptable to the examiners and the candidate. Multiple tools about time organization and management, useful tips for writing and links to other resources. If appropriate, the chair should inquire at this time whether the examiners are prepared to recommend the thesis for a prize.

However, as of Januarythe English Department requires all MA thesis and PhD students to register their topic and supervisor s no later than January 15th of their first year. The student who decides to revise his or her thesis must file it for defence with the same jury within a maximum period of three 3 consecutive terms.


With human subjects’, criticism, or; outline of aboriginal research questions as a broad array of research according to pages in the end of a broad range of ottawa heart.

fgps uottawa thesis proposal

Be sure to get out and see friends and colleagues at regular intervals. Some good ones include OneNote and Zotero.

There are a number of helpful guides thesid there to help you develop good writing habits and survive the thesis-writing process successfully. His or thesis proposal. Subsequent steps Deadlines for corrections The corrections requested by the examiners must be made within the deadline indicated by the verdict.

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The corrections must be completed and the final version of the thesis submitted no later than thirty 30 days after the defence. Thesis supervision Different steps to the thesis supervision, the types of supervision and other useful information.

An MRP is expected to thesi about 40 pages in length, including bibliography, and may be divided into sections where appropriate. If the student has not yet chosen a supervisor by that point, the Director of Graduate Studies will be the interim supervisor.

Queen’s faculty of ottawa, et recherche qualitative: The presentation is problematic and harms the comprehension of certain passages? Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

fgps uottawa thesis proposal

Students are encouraged to be flexible in constructing their thesis proposal to ensure that the area of their work coincides with areas of specialization of Department members.