Apostille Guide , Dept. June 21, at 9: The determination of which certificate is issued is based on the country in which the document will be used. September 5, at 5: June 28, at 4: Hi Natalie, I think you can still get the Apostille after the 90 days. After talking to some administrative officials and a pair of lawyers, no dice.

So, we have a suggestion to make. January 11, at Hello, Your blog post was very helpful. Thank you so much!! I am still waiting for my background check as well…. Have a great day!

Office of Authentications Apostille Stamp Services. I just mailed off a new Background Check request this morning just in case.

fbi background check apostille cover letter

However, I just got to know that for Belgium I need 2 copies of this document. Stick to the fees I mentioned. Telephone Inquiries To inquire about the status of your documents, please checi the Office of Authentications: The address you have listed is different than the street address and mail box address listed on the Gov. Write a Reply or Comment Cancel reply.

How to Get FBI Background Check Apostille

I did it all aposttille person and it took me a couple of hours to complete around Los Angeles. Try the above link- it should work on any computer.

fbi background check apostille cover letter

Obtain a set of your fingerprints on a standard fingerprint form FD Regarding which documents need apostilles and translations, again I would call the consulate, and if you are shy, I would not worry because when I had issues with my Visa, I too called my consulate in L.


I am apostillr as to what to put there. I was wondering, I know you have to get the FBI background check to have an apostille but what about the medical certificate?

How to Apostille a FBI Background Check

June 25, at As long apostllle you have all your paperwork ready to go, then as backgronud as you get your placement letter you can ship it all to the consulate and the Visa will get done in time. Is this true about the notarization part. I left it blank with only the amount, date, and my signiture. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. If that works out for her then I will probably do the same.

May 26, at 7: I sent it to one recruiter and she said that it was the correct document. Is it OK to leave the Tracking Number section blank or will the Department of State have some kind of problem with that? What do you think? I took it to a notary public to get notarized, where you sign your name on the FBI background check document, the notary public will give you a California All Purpose Acknowledgment form, then 2.

I forgot to request for the FBI background check to be authenticated. Submit Payment When it comes to the payment method you will use, you have two options: And if the answer spaces people have to fill in are white, the tinted background both cues them in to where they aposyille, and allows them to visually sense how much they have to fill in.


Especially since it took me more than an hour to find the same information on the State Dept. Bfi went on the Department of State website and tried to download the DS form, but when I clicked on the link, it only directed me to a Officials Forms page where I could only find the pdf version of the form. It is okay if you take fingerprints with ink or live scan.

They are so unhelpful.

A Step by Step Guide to Get your FBI Background Check Apostille

July 5, at 7: Moral of the story: My background check was from Januaryand they accepted it because it was part of the ongoing Auxiliar Application process. Follow the steps listed on the Department of State Federal Website. Federal Department of State was the only official way to receive apstille apostille.