Others of the opinion that Narayan’s Malgudi is Coimbatore which has many of the landmarks – a river on one side, forests on the other, the Mission School and College, and all the extensions mentioned in the novels. As the stranger lit his cheroot, the astrologer caught a glimpse of his face by the matchlight and for some obscure reason the astrologer now felt uncomfortable and tried to wriggle out of the whole thing. March 15, at 1: The revelation unties many knots merely hinted at earlier and weaves the parts into a unified whole. Shilling, the local bank manager. If he had continued to live in his village, he would have tilled the land and tended his cornfields like his forefathers.

At this stage, the man lights a cheroot and in the dim light of the matchstick the astrologer looks at the man’s face and is unnerved. Narayan creates his fictional world of Malgudi as an essentially Indian society or town. The critical scene which drives the plot ahead: February 3, at 6: Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Views Read Edit View history. A loosely strung story of his travels through America in the 60s. Therefore he was restless, furious and was searching for his assailant to take revenge.

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Thanks archana for making such an excellen note Reply. I love it astrologres people come together and share opinions, great blog, keep it up. Narayan spent part of his childhood in the state of Mysore. I want a free account. Narayan wrote in English about Indian life.


What makes the story impressive is the interesting plot, element of suspense, logical climax, figurative language, importance to details, and the underlying meaning behind the story. Narayan – a Tribute ].

This colour scheme never failed. One Hundred Tamils of the 20th Century R. December 16, at 1: However yeah Thnkx for expoditory the time to debate this, I really feel strongly about it and love reading more on this topic. Mail Us – truth is a pathless land – Home.

Summary of ” An Astrologers Day ” by R.K. Narayan

He has lived in India ever since, apart from his travels. When asked about the whereabouts of the man who stabbed him and left him for dead, the astrologer confidently tells Guru Nayak to give up the hunt because the assailant had died four months ago, crushed under a lorry in a far-off town.

The World of Malgudi. Narayan on Graham Greene’s suggestion.

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In the exchange of July 13, at 5: July 7, at 2: Narayan, in an interview given to S. One day, after having finished his daily business, he is about to leave for home when he sees a man close by and hopes to make him a client.

Narayan’s world is not, after all, as rooted and complete as it appears. The street where he operates has many vendors, such as medicine sellers, magicians, etc.


expository essay on an astrologers day

It grows and develops and expands and changes, and is full of humanity, drawing its sustenance from the human drama that is enacted in it.

Free help with homework Free help with homework. The revelation astroloters many knots merely hinted at earlier and weaves the parts into a unified whole.

expository essay on an astrologers day

This posting is great… Reply. The light and smoke of the crackling flare above the groundnut heap, enchantment of the place created by lack of lighting, hissing gaslights and bewildering criss-cross of light rays and moving shadows created the right setting for an astrologer.

Indian Writing in English. Did he possess some uncanny powers, which could be put astrologerd good use, when needed? Thus all the mystery begins to fall in place and the loose ends are tied into a unified whole. New York Review of Books, March 4, The first is from the Ramayana about BC ; the second is of the Buddha, from the sixth century BC; the third is of the ninth-century philosopher Shankaracharya; the fourth is of the arrival a thousand years later of the British, ending with Mr.