This ambiguity brings with it anxiety and different cultures have learnt to deal with this anxiety in different ways. Delays could have meant that the park would not open as planned, in time for the Worlds Expo. Certainly language poses a problem for the company. Pearson Prentice Hall, Chapter 4, pp. Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours

The unemployment further changes the way people spend their money since they have less disposable income, particularly when people are unemployed they do not spend money on luxury especially on entertainment. In Europe, Disney found that in many ways, the consumer did not behave as expected: London Pitman Publishing Ltd. United States , Walt Disney. How do cultural variables influence the location choice of theme parks around the world? Euro Disney marketers have recognized a trend. Achievement versus Ascription Do we have to prove ourselves to receive status or are it given to us?

For Communitarianism decisions typically are referred to committees, people achieve things in groups, and they jointly assume responsibility. Their power is low as prices are controlled by theme parks.

This put project approval at risk, and threatened to lengthen the approval process. S spirit undeniably negatively affects French citizens. Remember me on this computer. Parents make their children emotionally independent with regard to groups dieneyland which they belong.

One of the lessons Euro Disney faced was putting the park in charge of a French local Bourguignon.

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From the time of opening, Disneyland became an immediate success. In Nov Disney finally received an approval from Chinese govt. Although the idea to build a Theme Park has been in correspondence with the existing need on the market the weather should have been considered.


euro disneyland case study hofstede

Which is largest market player in world? Who will make the decisions?

euro disneyland case study hofstede

What should keep in mind is that do not completely following disneykand prior experiences no matter how successful it is. Another assumption such as optimistic assumption about attendance was also made. Power is not only centralized in companies and government, but also geographically Individualism Vs Collectivism The fundamental issue addressed by this dimension is the degree of interdependence a society maintains among its members.

Indeed, Euro Disney has missed consumer price sensitivity, thus have failed to attract customers. Disneyland now operation 6 theme park in around the world. London Pitman Publishing Ltd.

The low masculinity ranking for the France is38 Hofstede, which could give the Disney executives a suggestion that they should have met French needs for low masculinity values to give them more employee freedoms ,group hpfstede making and environmental conservation.

Euro Disney mistake has been the failure to recognize the cultural differences between Americans and French people. American disneyyland the opposite type, which is more tolerant of opinions different from what they are used to and are more phlegmatic and contemplative Hofstede, There were various errors made in the operations of Euro Disneyland, which affected the French culture. Universalistic is only one truth or reality, while Particularism is a number of perspectives on reality.


Also, things like selling Coke-A-Cola with ice were seen as exotic and unfamiliar to French culture. Delays could have meant that the park would not open as planned, in time for the Worlds Expo.

Euro Disney Case Essay

The USA pays attention to a negotiation clearly, logically and persuasively, whereas France stresses on a discussion inaccurately and indirectly. After much consideration, in Maythe Walt Disney Company changed its policy and allowed wine and beer in the Euro Disneyland theme park. Karadjova and Mujtaba, The proposed disneylad put the park within 4-hours drive for around 68 million people, and 2 hours flight for a further million or so. Accessed May 23, The US scores well disndyland average on the Uncertainty Avoidance dimension.

Indeed, this should have been considered as a factor that could lower the number and spending power of customers.

euro disneyland case study hofstede

Help Center Find new research papers in: Universalistic cultures are focusing on the rules, but Particularism cultures are focusing on relationships. Based on its experience, what are three lessons the company should have learned about how to deal with diversity?