In the past 20 years, family life in the United States has undergone dramatic demographic and economic changes. Box , Southwest Harbor, ME ; jbuell acadia. When we leave a sizable portion of learning to parents, how can we hold schools and teachers responsible for meeting higher standards? The problem is, we now give homework in preschool – it is a standard. I read this because I was hoping to get a more nuanced take than the emotional tirade that was “The Case Against Homework”.

Overall I enjoyed pausing to question this fundamental part of school life – homework – that is rarely scrutinized or given space in public dialogue. An exploration of the history of homework must place that history in the large context of the history of work itself. According to Piaget, however, asking children to perform tasks before they are developmentally ready proves counterproductive to development. Moving with the brain in mind. I would say that this is infinitely better than “The Case Against Homework” and was actually thought provoking and I read this because I was hoping to get a more nuanced take than the emotional tirade that was “The Case Against Homework”. If you are in school currently or were with in the past 20 years I suggest you read this fine piece of non fiction.

How did this happen?

etta kralovec the end of homework

This book serves as a great addition to the discussion of the proper role of homework and education. The battle over homework: Teachers or other adults with adequate resources and experience in assessing individual learning styles should be available to aid our children in independent projects.

The End of Homework: How Homework Disrupts Families, Overburdens Children, and Limits Learning

Either homework is of no educational value—in which case why is anyone doing it—or we are committing the worst form of educational discrimination by differentiating academic programs on the basis of economic class. This book really hits home why I despise homework.

In a study of high school og outs, we learned, thr to our surprise, that homework had played a major role in their decision to leave school. They claim, with even less documentation than earlier studies touting homework’s academic merits, that homework may not produce better test scores for grade school students, but it is the only way to sow good study habits.


etta kralovec the end of homework

Homework is after all work that a student does at home. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. They view homework as their children’s ticket out of the ghetto.

End Homework Now

They interviewed kids, both drop-outs and successful kids, and homework is the one thing that consistently is seen as a burden, a source of unhappiness with school, and a primary reason for the hopelessness some kids feel.

In the course of our study, we concluded that homework has not always played so prominent a role even in very successful public educational enf and that there are constructive school reforms that might reduce the need for and burdens of homework. It became clear to us that there was a need for further work on this topic, work that would explore more fully not only the evidence against homework but also look at the reasons why homework had become so emotionally intense a political issue.

Our kids are overworked, tired, and robbed of their childhoods; parents are robbed of leisure with their families. Account Options Sign in. He is also co-author of “The End of Homework”. As we were reminded often, some poor minority communities in inner cities beg teachers and lralovec boards to assign more homework.

Beacon Press: The End of Homework

The sections on the history of homework hint: Teachers in Japan are at school eight to nine hours a day, but they teach only four hours a day.

Do we allow our children to exercise these selves? krakovec

etta kralovec the end of homework

Their provocative argument first published in this book, featured in Time and Newsweek, in numerous homeqork magazines, on national radio and network television broadcasts, was the first openly to challenge the gospel of “the more homework the better. Marc Chernoff and Angel Chernoff. Some of its business and educational leaders now concede that workaholism is not merely a psychological problem but a barrier to innovation. A chatboard survey initiated by “TLC”. My stta Help Advanced Book Search.


Educators should stop squeezing time out of family life for the questionable benefits of homework.

Piling on homework and arguing for its value are cheaper and less politically risky strategies, but educators need to inform the public about the real levers of school improvement. It may well be the case, subversive not only to the Right but to even much of the Left, that the importance of play is culturally under-appreciated. Subscribe to ASCD Expressour free e-mail newsletter, to have practical, actionable strategies and information delivered to your e-mail inbox twice a month.

The End of Homework by Etta Kralovec, John Buell | : Books

I hardly know anyone in my business doing fewer than that. Heather Jones rated it really liked it Sep 28, The Epic of the Buddha. We know that we must scaffold new learning onto existing mental frameworks to build new knowledge. Yet inthose same children ettq 12 hours and 38 minutes a week watching television.

Some dismiss the current anti-homework outcry as just the latest swing of the opinion pendulum. Disputes over such academic matters as how to teach math may have filtered down to the general public in recent years, but, aside from occasional grumbling about the new math, few parents seem prepared to mount the barricades over it.