Hult to a diplomatic edition of a manuscript see e. I have not heard told more of them, neither in romances nor in tales. A, where the text often looks scratched or washed off, here likewise it is not fully legible: B contains the following additional thirty-two lines preceding the final conclusion to the story: She seems to need less prompting and less frequent reminding of her duties than her other vernacular counter- parts. If it Since it pleases you I grant it to you.

But if you now want to take me back, I will never again wrong you. I have also consulted the facsimile of the manuscript ON-Ms. Laudine grudgingly takes Iwein back and hopes that this time he will be worthy of her. I have not heard tell anything more, and you will not hear anything more, except when someone wants to add lies. And Lunete rests very comfortably has great comfort , she does not lack anything that pleases her, now that she has made unending peace between my lord, the noble Yvain and his dear and noble beloved. Lady Lunete experienced a reconcili- ation there, which soothed her heart.

She had con- trol over everything next to the lord and the lady ME-Ms. You have suffered great pain because of me. Now nothing else is needed for this, except that I regain your favor which will never again be lost? Le Chevalier au Lion, ed. H ere Lady Lunete saw the atonement 32 Literally: Laudine steps back and then responds somewhat less x x x angrily. Others are calling for 3 ezsay are publishing editions of individual or multiple manuscripts of the same story,4 yet no unified standard exists there either.

It is equal- ly possible to infer that a copy of one telling of the story had been written down in a manuscript and was put into circulation. However, the Lachmann text does not leave us with any sense of Lunete as eine riterlike iwekn, who is powerful and co-governs with Iwein, as appears to be the case in the Middle English version; nor is she entirely deleted at the end of the story, as in the Old French and Old Norse versions.


Only fear of perjury makes x x x x x Laudine forgive Yvain. He emphasizes her importance and her independent acting that brought peace to the kingdom. Only in the OF-Ms.

But whether it turns out well or ill, that which I promised, I will fulfill.

The Manuscript Text of the Variant Endings Unless otherwise noted, the diplomatic editions of the passages below are my own.

His house is completely established before the Church of Our Lady üher the Valley. Shall I from now on live for him who has no respect for me? For his sake I will do what I might and should.

Iwein is restored as ruler over his lands. The outcome of their relationships is unknown x x x or vague at best. This is definitely true for all the versions, but only in the Middle High German does Lunete remind Laudine about her responsibility more than once, thus emphasizing the necessity that a ruler has to esay correctly in the political realm.

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Since the manuscripts themselves are primarily available on microfilm or in a facsimile, I have übrr a diplomatic edition of each passage with translation in the Appendices. Middle High German Text 4. I tell you in truth, that the help and the advice lie in none other than yourself.


Evelyn Meyer, Hartmann von Aue.

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I have not heard tell anything more, and you will not hear anything more, except when someone wants to add lies. Their reconciliation is complete, both iweij the public-political, and in the private sphere see MHG-Ms.

To him Iwein gave her as a wife. Everyone honored her in the castle22 and the town.

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If God allows them to grow old, they will have many sweet times, all of which is possible here. At iwei later time that same story was revised, told slightly differently to another audience and thereafter was written down and put into circulation as a second authorial copy. Gostwich and Harrison May I yet find myself deserving, that he likes me more than before. Lady, let go of your anger for him, for he has no other lady except you.

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Iwein asks her to get up, for she is not guilty. Medieval culture was largely oral and perfor- mative, and it produced variants in the plot of literary stories.

Whatever love God puts between you, may it last until the end of your lives. For that I shall thank God, for Iwein suffered in sorrow while he avoided his lady.

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