You May Also Like. Although it is the first time that India got the golden opportunity to host the major event in the nation, but the big question is that is our infrastructure sound enough to organize the event successfully? Did technology and individualism take its toll on the younger generation of India as well? Find out the facts that have positioned Indian to another level when women cricket comes into picture. At present, Rs 10 lakh crore worth of stressed assets, loan growth is stuttering at near six decades-low levels and lending rates are still stubbornly high. Considering the role of Tennis Association in the Davis cup, every year there is some or other form of controversy that spoils the sportsmanship spirit of the sport.

With the advent of the revolution brought by Jio, do you think the internet will be accessible to every Indian? So be prepared to know everything about the landmark events and score well in the GK section of XAT Essay writing is an important part of the XAT Exam especially because it is conducted along with the main exam. Ideally one paragraph should contain only one idea. With such a spinner friendly pitch and spinners, we indeed have an edge in the match.

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The essay in XAT is not counted while calculating your percentile score. But, the current scenario is deviating Indian economy towards a cashless future!

essay topics xat

Cyber Security in Indian IT: Thus, every candidate appearing for the XAT has to prepare for the Essay. But how this game topica popular over night? All successful people are ordinary beginners with some talent. Given below is a list of XAT essay topics as asked in the previous years:.


essay topics xat

The Japanese investor, SoftBank has had a critical role to play with its million eessay in Snapdeal, marking essayy foothold in India. Cashless India or an economy with lower cash transactions seems unreal considering the older picture of Indian payment system. Most of the ransomware was spread hidden within Word documents, PDFs and other files normally sent via email. India had produced spin tracks against South Africa last year, and even won a Test against South Africa.

Every player has the right to choose his partner for the doubles match.

The state of pitches to be laid out in the Test series against New Zealand has thrown up interesting reactions from Indian cricketers. Indian Telecome Industry and Reliance Jio: In the Body of the essqy, focus on analyzing the topic from as many different perspectives as possible, neatly divided into points or paragraphs. We only listen to refute or reply.

essay topics xat

As we continue to embrace liberalism, there is a greater need to adopt wssay more comprehensively. They work hard on their talents over a period of time before they taste success. It is clubbed with General Knowledge, and applicants are given a composite time of 40 minutes for both the sections.

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Finally Google has also entered the Indian landscape of making digital payments with the launch of its esay wallet app. Ewsay in Financial Management.


What Mahabharta can teach you about Management? We hardly listen to understand. You must understand that examiners are evaluating future managers.

After the Ransomware attack, cyber security of Indian IT sector has become a big question. They, unlike the cynics, refusedto accept the things as they were and, instead, chose to look at the great potential that lay ahead of them and their countries.

Paris Agreement is an international agreement to combat climate change. A must read for MBA aspirants. When we open our mind and heart to different views, only then will true harmony be established.

Get ready to answer all these aspects if in case you get this topic in the XAT Essay. In managerial positions, you will be interacting with people from all walks toics life. Highest domestic package clocked at Rs.

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One Belt, One Road Summit: Detailed process for XAT application form. Follow a classical Introduction-Body-Conclusion Structure. Now that you are acquainted with the evaluation criteria for the XAT essay, you can now devise a sound preparation strategy.