Subandri Simbolon “Jambar Juhut: This solution can hardly be treated as a project, this solution is not meant to isolate the poor, but to give them chance of a new life. They have job in government so they got more chance to do corruption. These thieves wouldn’t be tolerated in the society because these law breakers risk other people’s lives. Too selfish and just think about their own needs.

It’s different from corruptor they not like thief. Achmad Asroni “Membumikan etika dan religiusitas anti-korupsi: And they should work to help the society. Our country is not supposed to side with the businessman, our nation fund the companies which as an equity already. That can cause air pollution. Those things happened in the government too.

Just say about the governmental corruptor.

Our country is supposed to facilitate the poor-middle economic class society, so that they can live up, and improve their living Facilitating the poor-middle economy class society is a key to our success, if we could send these people to start a new life in those island which stolen already, the other nation wouldn’t have disturb our complete nation.

Achmad Asroni “Membumikan etika dan religiusitas anti-korupsi: Terkait banyaknya desakan penggantian Jaksa Agung M Prasetyo, Suparji menilai tidak salah meski sudah tidak efektif karena masa pemerintahan Jokowi tinggal hitungan bulan lagi.

Don’t miss your opportunity to get i Poor people scattered in many places. They don’t care about that. But not all thieves are poor people and lowly educated person, but some are lazy and want to make money faster in the wrong way. Destroying someone’s or some group’s honesty or loyalty; undermining moral integrity 6. The volume deals with: Clean Water Clean Water – citizen of DKI Jakarta, will continuing to need clean water, in tetnang to fulfill the needs of drinking and cooking.


Nama Jan Maringka sendiri kuat lantaran berhasil menangkap beberapa buronan yang selama ini belum berhasil ditangkap para pejabat Jamintel sebelumnya. That can cause air pollution. What is worse is that the citizen of Jakarta doesn’t realize the importance to keep the environment clean. Remember me on this computer.

There are thirteen rivers that come from the north of Jakarta bearing viruses, and many other dangerous substances. Architecture Students Network Nonprofit Organization.

I never see the governmental people lack of money.

(DOC) Writing an Essay (Jakarta is an Overpopulated City | Aminah Febriyani –

Less Planting This lack of green planting reduces the green areas in the city which is the heart of the city. As mentioned above, the major factor leading to population growth in the city is migration from other regions and there has been a steady increase over the past few years. I don’t know why the people who do Corruption in the Government do Corruption. Littering properly is a must, in order to prevent flood and unhealthy environment.

They are too depressed and can’t even think about it. They didn’t want to improve the Indonesia. The fact that we are rich, but we can’t protect what’s rightfully ours.


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They cannot buy medicine to recover themselves, once they are contaminated by these diseases. And the last is about people who are dying, they cannot get money for themselves, maybe some of them have to search foods in garbage dump, which possibly contains various kinds of diseases.

Can that water be consumed by the eszay because, according to the experts, the water peemberantasan the river or water from the flood had been contaminated many kinds of bacteria.

essay tentang pemberantasan korupsi

These plants are also able to absorb water to prevent flood. Our country is not supposed to side with the businessman, our nation fund the companies which as an equity already.

Implementasi Revolusi Mental dalam Pemberantasan Korupsi di Kejagug “Memble”

Hal tersebut dinilai, lantaran pimpinan korps Adhyaksa itu telah gagal mengimplementasikan tenang mental dalam pemberantasan korupsi di Indonesia. In order to solve these problems, the local government of Jakarta cannot work alone because the major factor affecting population growth is migration.

Care about the others too.

essay tentang pemberantasan korupsi

The people in the government must concern about the society. They have job in government so they got more chance to do corruption.