The Winderemeres decide to forget about the troubles of the last twenty-four hours and to go on with their perfect little married-life as before. All her life she has been spoon-fed – first by her sister and later by her husband. When Lady Windermere resists his request to leave her husband she does exactly what he unknowingly expects her to do. But these virtues seem to be unknown to her. A motherless upbringing and uncertainty about her parentage.

Lady Windermere might have a very simple concept of good and bad. To the audience it seems obvious: So right at the beginning she speaks out an accusation which could be her own only a few scenes later. Soon after that Mrs Erlynne arrives and trys to convince her daughter of what she has already decided for herself. She was never seriously interested in Lord Darlington and before Mrs Erlynne tries to convince her to go back home she has already made this decision for herself. But instead of defending himself he begins to defend the woman and she only receives threadbare explanations as an answer for it.. Anglistik – Literatur Women in the Victorian Era.

I read various books, drew information from the internet and watched three adapted screen plays of the play to develope a better understanding of its structure and different interpretations on the subject matter. Oscar Wilde was born in They stand in contrast to a selection of cynics and pragmatics.

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There is no way out for them without being seen by the men. No other reason can be imputed to her. I am glade of it.

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This -of course- does not preclude that he loves her but it certainly underemines the set gender roles of the time and excuses Lady Windermere in a sense for her naivty and lack of tolerance towards people of different moral understanding from her own. If I lost my ideals, Qindermeres should lose everything. And then suddenly- Oh! He claims to love her but in fact the only thing he loves about her is that he cannot have her.


He is the exact opposite of her. Thereupon Lord Winderemere invites Mrs Erlynne himself.

essay questions for lady windermeres fan

Ironically in Act Four Lord Windermere reproaches Mrs Erlynne for her mistake of leaving her child behind when she left her husband unknowing that his own wife would have done just the same only a few hours earlier. Virtue is virtue, vice is vice.

Lady Windermere’s Fan Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

She is not as confident about herself as before and now see the necessity of compromises in life. This was the only part of society wimdermeres which he was interested as an audience.

Already in the first act the audience gets a clear picture of what Lady Windermere is like and how she thinks about life. You sully the innocence that is in her.

Lady Winderemere will never get to know the truth about her mother.

essay questions for lady windermeres fan

He placed this four-act play into a setting which must have made his audience feel quite at home: He had to mind carefully how to addressed this audience when he wanted to meet their taste with his plays. The women in his plays are mostly plain indifferent stereotyped creatures living ordinary lives.


The way she talks, the way she actsthe way she looks. There is no mystery ladyy any of them. Anglistik – Literatur Banned Books: She does not realize that nobody is ever blameless dindermeres that true goodness only reveals itself when it is being tested. The Windermeres decide to forget about the troubles of the last twenty-four hours and go on cor their perfect married-life as before. Marriage is nothing but a game. She becomes wild with jealousy and confronts him with the accusation of him being unfaithful to her.

So pleased to find nothing has altered!

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Wilde wrote his social comedies mainly for commercial reasons. No character in the play questions her goodness. She shares Puritan values and is a young, beautiful lady who lives her life as a strict upholder of moral standards.

Right at the beginning of the play the audience is confronted with Lady Windermere and everything one gets to know about her is highly essau The main part of this work concentrates on Lady Windermere herself. Consequentially they were of relatively slight significance to him.

That is why he never tried to reform the moral standards of his time, but merely attempted to play with them in his art.