We have a greater sense of responsibility for our actions and their impact on people and the environment. Message for today’s youth,message for the senior citizens who still need to recognise potential of today’s youth,message for parents to encourage youth of India Good for nothing! With a new found sense of independence, younger people appear to be less responsible, less inward focused, and even selfish. This new site reveals so much more. Make India’s only emergency telephone number. The answers were loud and clear, we need to give everyone a chance in any field that the individual is good at.

Are today’s kids easier to understand than in previous generations? He has thrown himself in Dinka: Reduction in policy rates will.. John Garang de Mabior Dr. They clearly pointed the fact out that Indian youth are not useless, they are used less. Again, another thing the reason why I hate even most is that the speakers, from the way we judge them, seem to ignore or are they being ignorant? Ee rot lek piny… from the top to the bottom of the nation.

Although IQ scores are increasing every year, I would not say they are more intelligent than the previous generations.

essay on youth useless or usedless

Well, there are funds, but they do not reach the roots of the grass down there. But the problem is that our youth need somebody to guide them. Abdul Kalam are the ones whose foundation rests on the shoulders of the country’s youth. Reliance taking control over the Network18 group is not a good news for news industry. Posted 3 Years Ago Very well written monisha. Either of these always delays, and almost slays, The Black Christs of Africa— this book and its sequels.


Various social causes like poverty,illiteracy etc can come to an end if youth plays an active role in such causes.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. And the best way out is not to riot but to write; to write pretty petty things for a living, the best way to access that money from any austerity authority in South Sudan. John Garang de Mabior Dr.

essay on youth useless or usedless

Therefore, I am going to write about youth and freedom in this piece of mine for our peace of mind. But younger people also have stepped up to face all kinds of social, environmental, and other issues. Of my style as from my works of poetry: Reposting from an article I had written a few years back. The answers were loud and clear, we need to useeless everyone a chance in any field that the individual is good at.


Notify me of new comments via email. So I did not complete the whole celebration of Independence on the 3rd day of December, What is your view about today’s youth? Should an ally blackmail the Coalition on the eve of. Indian youths are full of energy.

As a scholar and practitioner of different types of media that encompass traditional analogue processes to new media technologies. Popular native talents such as wrestling, mock fighting, hunting, chanting, dancing, etc.

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Of course, Today was the Tomorrow of Yesterday, so what are we being told to hold on for? Since Sudan has been suffering hard — but is now hardly recovering — from cancer of wars through ulcer of words, I, the expressively ulcerated South Sudanese, am suffering from cancer of words.


This is the country,you are the generation”. Do we need to say more? That time, there was no Greater-this-and-that kind of youth at campaigned for referendum separation alone.

Unfortunately, like a proverbial dog that licks youtu its vomits, we are tied up with Khartoum as inseparable twins in media and civil rights suppression as evidenced in how South Sudan fell second to Sudan among the first five in the hierarchy of the failed states of the world.

Every generation feels this way.

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Photo by the author: As a new youth of the South, I do not like some tribal or regional elders-cum-leaders to award liberation medals and other national acolades to people of their choice on behalf of the national government and the public of the Republic as they are doing to Dr.

Daniel Hernandez knows the sound of great film. As I put it in one of my blogs on our Independence Day: Yet again, if this is not understandable — lo, we go!