Indo-Pakistani War of Pakistan is standing due to bravery of such officers. Indian markets cheer Modi’s likely return to power. We all can not forget the sacrifices of our hero and our prayers will always be with our Pak Army. Minhas spent his early childhood in Lahore. I think chapter of Minhas and bravery deserves more international recognition. Later, the family shifted to Rawalpindi.

My Favourite Personalities these are the personalities who ruled on the hearts of people. The jet took off and turned toward India. His plane crashed down in Thatta, Sindh. Retrieved 6 October Retrieved 13 March Minhas was fascinated with aviation history and technology. Retrieved from ” https:

Selfless devotion to Pakistan.

Rashid Minhas

The head that wears the crown. A brilliant mind, wish he had lived longer to serve Pakistan.

Ranks Army ranks and insignia Naval ranks and insignia Air Force ranks and insignia. The traitor, however, overpowered the officer by employing chloroform from behind in a literal act of backstabbing and cowardice.

essay on our national hero rashid minhas

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This story kills two birds with one stone demonize Bangladeshis as traitors Indians sworn enemy. Today both countries armies killing own people must be shameful. Mazhar, a writer for Pakistan Military Consortium, relayed in that he spoke to retired PAF Group Captain Cecil Chaudhry about Minhas, and that he learned more details not generally known to the public.


The 44th death anniversary of Pakistan’s national hero, Rashid Minhas Shaheed was marked across the country on Thursday with tributes paid to his services. Indo-Pakistani War of Masters of the sky. You nationql always be remember for your courage and patriotism. You are commenting using your Facebook account.


Minhas attempted to gain control of his jet trainer when his commanding officer Flight Lieutenant Matiur Rahman was trying to defect to Indiaand deliberately commandeer his plane that crashed near the Thatta DistrictSindh in Pakistan.

Our generations will Inshallah remember you Rashid, we salute you,thank you Down for remembering this brave young man. Rashid Minhas amongst the heroes who sacrifice their lives for Pakistan.

Essay just 40 miles of Pakistan territory remaining, having failed to regain control of his aircraft, Minhas had only one course of action open to him to prevent his aircraft from being taken to India.

Later investigation showed that Rahman intended to defect to India to join his compatriots in the Bangladesh Liberation Waralong with the jet trainer.

essay on our national hero rashid minhas

Pakistan has pride in you. Today we all need courage and patriotism like him.

44 years ago today: Rashid Minhas takes his plane down for Pakistan – Pakistan –

Today marks the 46th death anniversary of natioal Pakistani national hero, Rashid Minhas Shaheed. He prevented the uncontrolled plane from falling on innocent Indian civilians and in the effort laid his own life. His second solo flight in that type of aircraft. All Pakistanis must memorize the names and faces of war heros like these. Dil aaj bhi passej jata jab bhi rashid shaheed ka naam aata hai!


Rashid Minhas Shaheed – Dost Pakistan

Pilot Officer Rashid Minhas Shaheed – Nishan-e-Haider Can any one shed some light on how Instructor Pilot forced his way into the rear cockpit, seized control of the aircraft. His personal library included books on electronics and astronomy, besides other subjects. This is how it has been in Did they give their life for these corrupt politicians that have divided you in Mahajir, Punjabi, Sindhi, Pathan and Baloch?

He is remembered for his death in in a jet trainer crash while struggling to regain the controls from a defecting pilot: Failing to do so, he did the only thing within his control to prevent the aircraft from being taken to India — he forced that plane to crash just 32 miles from the Indian border, deliberately sacrificing his life for the honour of Hedo.

Once more a salute from an Indian.

essay on our national hero rashid minhas

Do you really believe these stories? He had said that Rashid was fond of nayional books on war during his student life and noted important quotations In his diary.