Register username password confirm email. Some of essays, including narrative, expository, argumentative an opinion you guide write three body start write at the students ability how. The aim of the game is to pot pocket one’s nine carrom men and the Queen before your opponent. Why space exploration is so vital to the nationby amanda stiles can not afford to neglect the critical role that space will play in its future. More on the essay underneath the issue from, with their perspectives on contemporary practice where you should easy topics or current issue. Carrom is played on a square polished plywood board with a striker made of hard plastic and small circular wooden pieces called carrommen. Once you have learned the rules and practiced enough, you will find the game easy to play and a lot of fun.

Explanation of your recommended changes. It can be played by Two , three or four player. It is known by many names around the world. If there are two players, then they sit opposite each other. Learn more with Brainly! Login username password forgot password?

It takes quite a while for kids to be tall enough to play pool and even pn for their hand and eye coordination to work very well. All combinations of shots count in the game. It is a portable game, and because of its size, it can be played almost anywhere.

Carrom A Board Game

Watch the Did-You-Know slideshow. Admissions essay example undergraduate In his an essay on man, epistle i, alexander pope wrote the words that became the proverbial expression, hope springs eternal in the. The board has a rectangular line around the perimeter, which is the base line from which players make their shots. My kids first played this game at a friends house and were all excited about it.


Since the s artists have used digital technologies to develop artworks that offer new sensory experiences key to this ongoing history has been the spirit of. Register username password confirm email. Although carrom is classified as an indoor game, it requires elements of both physical and mental skill.

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Learn more with Brainly! Carrom is my favourite game and it is one of the world’s favorite indoor board games. An analytical essay on the death of a salesman — 0 reviews analysis of death of a salesman pages word document by lu4 death of a salesman.

The game is about pocketing the carrommen and the queen before the opponent, and scoring maximum points sssay win. What are the Rules of the Game Go Fish? You might also Like. I want a free account! What is the Board Game Go?

Unlike other indoor games, there are no mixed doubles team. Once you have learned the rules and practiced enough, you will find the game easy to play and a lot of fun. Secondary School Social sciences 6 points. Both skill and luck are big elements of this game. School level essays india graduate school level model essays india strong than sep writing joung and civil service aspirants female foeticide india and.


Log in to add a comment. Carrom — A Board Game Advertisements. It can be played by Twothree or four player.

essay on my favourite game carrom

It is also known as karrom. Points are counted at the end of oon round. Discuss this Article Tomislav Post 3 I have never heard of this board game, but it seems like a lot of fun!

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essay on my favourite game carrom

For example, we have mt carrom board that is also set up so you can play a game of checkers and quite a few other games as well. This Day in History. My favourite game is carrom. Carrom is a game that requires skill, practice and determination.

What is Carrom?

I have heard carrom described as ‘finger pool’ because it is similar to playing a gams of pool, but on a much smaller scale. If there are two players, then they sit opposite each other. In fact, this is one of those few board games where doubles is allowed.

essay on my favourite game carrom