They begin the festival after eating padwa paste. This section does not cite any sources. Gudhi means flag, erect flag on the houses as part of celebration in Maharashtra where its mainly celebrated. Even in cities, people take english out gudi do some spring cleaning. Village Names of Mysore District: Top Exotic Food Plants.

Instructional Programs School webpage links to ProCon. For source traditions of celebrating the lunar new year, see Lunar New Year disambiguation. Generally, the eldest lady of the household sees it first and then brings it in to show to all sleeping members of the household. A notable sight during Gudhi Padwa are the numerous Gudhi or Gudhi arrangements at every household. It is believed that hoisting the Gudi outside ones home wards off any evil influences, making way for good luck and prosperity. This day gudi marks the end of one agricultural harvest and the beginning of a new one.

essay on gudi padwa in english

It has a turbulent history in Also, some people believe that the day marks the coronation ceremony of Lord Rama, who had returned to Ayodhya after spending 14 years exile. Other delicacies made on Gudhi Padwa festival include Shrikand and Poori. Gudi is made by tying a bright green or yellow gud, adorned with brocade zarito a long bamboo.

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The Holi festival is the festival of colors. It is believed that Chhattrapati Shivaji Maharaj, celebrated leader of the Maratha clan, led the troops to victory and attained freedom for the kingdom from the dominion of the Mughals in that area. Main traditions Vaishnavism Shaivism Shaktism Smartism. Gudi Padwa is a harvest festival. Women and children work on intricate rangoli designs on their doorsteps, the vibrant colours mirroring the burst of colour associated with spring.


Even in the city, people take the time out to do some spring cleaning. It is visible to everybody. The earrings are also in gold with a single ornamental psdwa pinned up with the hair. Many businessmen inaugurate their ventures on this day as it is considered an auspicious day.

Essay on my favourite festival gudi padwa in english

Gudi is a bright green or yellow cloth adorned with brocade tied to the tip of a long english over which sugar, neem leaves, a twig of mango leaves and a garland of red flowers is tied.

Bennett University Apply Now. Please select 3 hours 6 hours 12 hours 24 hours 2 days 3 days 6 days 10 days 14 days. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Gudi Padwa is a festival celebrated with much fervor in the Western and Southern India and some parts of East India as well. History, Religion and Culture of India.

essay on gudi padwa in english

Every one is expected to wear a new garment and im children are given some cash to enjoy the festival. The saree, which can be in a variety of bright colors, is draped in such a way that the bottom half looks more like dhoti pants than a long skirt.

The festival is linked to the mythical day on which Hindu god Brahma created time and universe. Chandigarh University Apply Now. While women may wear sarees or salwar kameez, the men wear kurta pajamas ejglish, preferably in the color white.


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essay on gudi padwa in english

Preparing for Gudi Padwa Image: This page was last edited on 16 Aprilat It is a bright colorful silk scarf-like cloth tied at the top of a long eglish. Rose Day, Propose Day, Chocolate These can either be eaten directly or ground into a paste and used in a special preparation along with jiggery and certain seeds.

The key rituals performed in this day is done as a token of worship by having a holy bath, wearing new clothes. It ppadwa more info that Lord Brahma created the world on this day and is therefore worshipped.