Can you please add more reference to this topic, thanks. Urdu Writers is an online website. You Might Also Like Urdu. His poetry is appreciated. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. December 28, I really like the overall concept and the ability and information you made!

Urdu poetry archive with ghazals, nazms, articles, mailing lists and links to related websites December 12, Thank you So much for sharing this useful information , I was searching this from last one month I found this article really helpful. Write your question and wait time for a help https: Hope you will think about it seriously. December 28, Thank you So much for sharing this useful information , I was searching this from last one month I found this article really helpful. His poetry ushered the modern culture at that time and clearly portrayed the transition in cultural values.

essay on akbar allahabadi

Essay on Urdu Language! He wrote the popular ghazal “Hungama Hai Kyon Barpa”. Notify me of new posts by email.

essay on akbar allahabadi

Akbar’s ghazals, nazms, rubaiyats and individual couplets span across three volumes, in addition to a collection of his poems on Mahatma Gandhi, titled Gandhinama. The Western Sauraseni Apabhramsa is said to be the source of the grammatical structure of Urdu October 26, Thank you for this post.


Urdu Classics – Akbar Allahabadi

The Power Politics of Culture: He was a bright, witty and affable man with a remarkable sense of humour which surfaces in his poetry too. Sumon Rahman Posted on: July 02, Hi!

Syed Akbar Hussain, popularly known as Akbar Allahabadi 16 November — 15 February was an Indian Urdu poet, widely acknowledged as a master of Two full thumbs up for this magneficent article of yours.

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Andrew Workman Posted on: Akbar retired in and lived on in Allahabad. There are several common scams in this industry: Syed Akbar Hussain Rizvi Born: The feeling of humour is considered the vital tool to attract the attention of the audience. November 01, Thanks for sharing! November 01, http: Another aspect of his poetry is the strict criticism of so called religious figures who destroyed the dignity of islam by playing double standards.

Essay on akbar allahabadi

Akbar’s ustad was Waheed, who was the shagird of Aatish. His poetry has a unique place in the Urdu poetry due to his long and early efforts for Urdu. He allahabaci name and fame as well. One Best Poetry in Urdu, Akbar Allahabadi is one of those Urdu poets whose sense of humour inspires the community about the logic of different social issue. Akbar was admitted to the Jamuna Mission School for an English education inbut he abandoned his school education in Gangaur Realtech is a professionally managed organisation specializing in real estate services where integrated services are provided by professionals to its clients seeking increased value by owning, occupying or investing in real estate.


Akbar Allahabadi went to college for further education after completing his madrassah essaj. He conveys allauabadi message in his own original style without losing the humorous feel.

Akbar Allahabadi – Profile & Biography | Rekhta

He witnessed the first war of independence inthe First World War and even the initial part of Gandhi’s peaceful movement. He passed away in in Allahabad. Back Pain Allahabaxi on: Its primary objective is to provide complete writer’s biographies, their literary works and books information.