Goenawan Mohamad is a leading Indonesian public intellectual, journalist, poet and activist. Furthermore, there are some problems that can be identified related to the topic of translating an expressive text. In the video interview to be presented, GM speaks more extensively about the superiority of the essay as a medium, and why he remains faithful to this form of writing, as well as how he is now using social media to spread his ideas. This also shows the employment of style shift of changing the denotation to idiomatic expression. Dunia untuk kemudian mencerna keraguan, mempertanyakan sebuah arti, menikmati kehidupan secara sederhana. Selama kurang lebih 30 tahun menekuni dunia pers, Goenawan menghasilkan berbagai karya yang sudah diterbitkan di antaranya kumpulan puisi dalam Parikesit dan Interlude , yang diterjemahkan ke bahasa Belanda, Inggris, Jepang, dan Prancis. Both versions were published by KataKita in

It is expected that the result of this examination can shed a light on whether the English translation of Poem No. Aswintanjung rated it it was amazing Nov 26, It has a kind of language that says more intensely than ordinary language. Jiwa kritisnya membawanya untuk mengkritik rezim Soeharto yang pada waktu itu menekan pertumbuhan demokrasi di Indonesia. A columnist for Indonesia’s weekly magazine, Tempo, she focuses her academic writing on Indonesia culture, language and history. Ia tak akan bisa berbohong.

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In addition, the structure of the expression di kuil gelap tengah malam in the source text is maintained in its Essayy translation, at the dark temple of midnight. Dalam pengerahan batin itu seorang seakan-akan menghadapi dirinya sendiri, seakan bercermin. However, this strategy does not change the sense and meaning of the expression in the source text.

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Fira rated it it was amazing Jul 21, Tanpa lelah, ia memperjuangkan kebebasan berbicara dan berpikir melalui berbagai tulisan dan organisasi yang didirikan-nya. Log In Sign Up. To GM, marathon races are beneficial because participating in a marathon requires the same kind of serious preparation discipline and consistent focus that he has applied to his writing activities for more than 50 years.


As well as his weekly Tempo columns, which he continues to write, Goenawan has published four volumes of poetry and several books of literacy and philosphical essays, including English-language editions of his essays Sidelines ,Conversations with Difference and Sharp Times Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

The Potentials and Limitations. In this text type, the author uses the aesthetic dimension of language.

Kemudian di beri keindahan dengan sajak-sajak penyair yang baru di ketahui si pembaca. Thus, the expressive type is encoded at the level of content and aesthetic organization and requires an analogous form in the translation to create a corresponding impression,so that the translation can become a true equivalent Reiss, And so, at the dark of a temple at midnight, command me to sing before you, my Lord: Esai-esai pendek Goenawan, seolah mampu membawa ku terbang. Adi rated it it was amazing Oct 13, Tiga minggu, 14 catatan kecil, berpikir keras untuk mengerti, seorang pembaca.

The maintenance and alteration of certain expression in literary translation aim at providing target readers an aesthetically appropriate translation. As itis important that in the target text the same effect is achieved as in the source text, the translator has to depart more from the content and the form of the original than in other types of text and to obtain the fidelity of a similarity in formal principles and the preservation of the aesthetic effect in reproducing every detail in the content of the original text.

Therefore, the analysis of the source text and the translated text is needed to reveal the answer to this problem.


Kata, Waktu: Esai-esai Goenawan Mohamad, 1960-2001

Buku ini menjadi salah satu buku yang setia menemaniku dalam lamunan. Goenawan Mohamad, who is usually referred to with his initials GM, is a living legend in the fields of literature and journalism in Indonesia. Tempo dianggap sebagai oposisi yang merugikan kepentingan pemerintah sehingga dihentikan penerbitannya pada Arus yang di masuki si pembaca berbeda dari realita kehidupan dia setiap hari.

essay goenawan mohamad

Adi rated it it was amazing May 23, Moreover, several examples of metaphor and also personification in Poem No. To ask other readers questions about Kata, Waktuplease sign up. It is any text that requires the use of and a degree of accommodation to a non-linguistic medium in order to communicate with the hearer, whether in the source or in the target text.

Menulis, menghasilkan sebuah prosa atau puisi yang terbaik dari diri kita, adalah proses yang minta pengerahan batin. The stylistic choices made by the author contribute to the meaning of the text, producing an aesthetic effect on the reader.

This effect has to be taken into account in translation by attempting to produce an analogous stylistic effect. Both versions were published by KataKita in Besides, maintaining the function of the original text is a challenge for each translator as each text embodies its own distinctive function.

Green rated it it was amazing May 03, The only register and literary word used in the target text is the word thee.