This is because the teacher has to allocate some time uploading the videos on the Internet and sharing them with students. Such positive attitudes towards screencast feedback could be attributed to various features of it. Enhancing the assessment experience: Educational Technology Research and Development, 63 2 , The results of this study indicate that the structural system of traditional Iranian houses is based on a hierarchical system so that in order to reach the private space, it has to pass through a few intermediate spaces.

The impact of text versus video communication on instructor feedback in blended courses. Based on an ethnographic study of an impoverished neighborhood in Port of Spain, the article explores the colonial and neoliberal moralities that perpetuate class segregation in contemporary Trinidad and Tobago. It has become much easier to create videos of computer screens accompanied by voice-over and to share these videos on platforms that are fast, reliable and free. Help Center Find new research papers in: The rapidity of postwar globalization and the structural changes it has brought to both social and spatial aspects of everyday life has meant, in France as elsewhere, the destabilizing of senses of place, identity, and belonging, as once familiar, local environments are increasingly de-localized and made porous to global trends and planetary preoccupations. We can be cool like Captain America, helpful like Spider-Man or learn new language.

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Informing students, shaping instruction. Ke,imeleri teachers are interested in using some additional features like zooming, they could utilise third-party programs to introduce those features into low-cost software, instead of buying expensive software that are usually intended for professional use. Log In Sign Up. Participants in this study also reported that they found screencast feedback more valuable than written feedback but less useful than one-to-one writing conferences.

Research also suggested that screencast feedback offered some benefits with respect to the quality of interaction between the teacher and students. Discussion on the most effective and time-efficient feedback modes has been going on for decades.


Compared with written feedback, screencast feedback is more difficult to reach. Active Learning in Higher Education, 15 1 One of these alternatives is screencast feedback, which enables EFL teachers to provide constructive feedback by recording the computer kelikeleri as the teacher comments on student work, usually by adding writing, drawings and voiceover.

As a consequence of playing video games, I started to ask unknown words to my parents and learned a new language. The best way of learning can via school, family or games.

Notwithstanding, if we get jelimeleri during the lessons, we will look our watches and wait until the bell. Screencasts turn students into digital teachers: Therefore, studying culture and its impact on architectural spaces is important in It could be a time-efficient option if current problems related with uploading and downloading and video formats are eliminated.

Last but not least, if we can make joyful to learn new things, everybody will more hungry to learn. However, one of the basic rules of thumb for screencast creation and use is that screencasts should be short and to the point. Also, the cultural concept geçj the architecture prioritizes its material meaning and the architecture is just through socio-cultural organizations that come to the vitality.

On the other hand, the very same process can also be viewed as the reconciliation of the disciplines that view the “space” as a common research ground. This complicated relationship with the Sahara has manifested itself in significant ways in Sahrawi poetry and prose.

Prospective research could focus on when and under what kelimelegi screencast feedback could work best. This could be highly functional in native- to-nonnative interaction in writing conferences, in which comprehension might be an issue Martinez, However, the shorter the better because longer screencasts could be boring and counter-productive. The feedback process, therefore, is not as efficient as it is in writing conferences, but for crowded classes, writing conferences may not be an option.

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For this reason, this study offers a brief overview of the studies carried out to investigate the effectiveness of this mode of feedback and discusses not only its major benefits but also downsides or challenges. As screencast feedback is a relatively new practice, there is need for extending instructional knowledge about the nature of this feedback tool and how to use it successfully.


The results of this study indicate that the structural system of traditional Iranian houses is based on a hierarchical system so that in order to reach the private space, it has to pass through a few intermediate spaces. Nevertheless, I started to play video games when I was 5 or 6 five or six.

The idea of a homeland and the image of the desert is written in both realistic representations and in fantastic considerations.

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Teachers have a number of alternative software applications that come with different features Table 1. Also space syntax method was used in order to evaluate the influence of social aspects on the formation of architectural spaces.

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Exploring student perceptions of audiovisual feedback via screencasting in online courses. Finally, some students may not want to get out of their comfort zones and insist on receiving feedback through traditional modes. The contributions in this volume help advance the discussion, adding context and expanding the modes of defining and experiencing spatial justice.

If I force were forced to learn new language with by attending classes, I strongly believe that I was going to hate English, but thanks to video games, now I love English. This makes video feedback a essat tool that could help improve the quality of EFL writing.