The Bangsamoro government will have an asymmetrical relationship with the national government, as the BARMM will have more autonomy than other regions in the country. Another issue are the unconstitutionalities. I am sure they will help and will not oppose. This is a law that will greatly impact the lives of a lot of Filipinos. Unlike the ARMM, the deal that they got from the government is simply better, more financially rewarding and to a greater degree, one that has less Central Government control and intervention. In , the two parties signed the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro CAB , which incorporated the FAB and annexes on transitional arrangements, wealth, power-sharing, and water territories. This study explains the complex rationale of the Muslim struggle, especially its internationalization.

The Bangsamoro Basic Law is a proposed law that states the structures, autonomy, and scope of the Bangsamoro political entity. These talks were the last of 32 peace talks between the two parties, which spanned a period of nine years. Numerous indigenous groups in the Bangsamoro region do not adhere to Catholicism nor Islam, making them vulnerable to exploitation in a proposed Muslim-controlled regional government. Muslim indigenous peoples or Moros have organised themselves and fought in a war that has killed , and displaced 3. But if Philippine laws and contracts such as the Mining Act of and the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade prevail in the Bangsamoro, these provisions will either cause contradictions in Philippine law or will be relegated to mere rhetoric. Various intergovernmental bodies will also be created to improve relations and resolve issues between the national and Bangsamoro governments. I guess that is why whenever I perform it, wherever I am, I am transported back to my people, safely back home.

This law needs thorough studying.

Bangsamoro Organic Law

The Politics of the Bangsamoro Essqy Law. This law was proposed many years ago but why are we reviewing it just now? The members of the parliament will then elect a chief minister and bsic deputy chief ministers among themselves.


The ad hoc committee must clear out the facts so that people can comprehend it and would not be clouded to their prejudice that the Bangsamoro will become an independent state or country.

The Bangsamoro Basic Law should be equipped with answers and should not be the reason for more questions. But while bangamoro are known mostly for conflict, there is much to us than this. Your email address will not be published. Perhaps one silver lining of the crossfire in Mamasapano might be renewed public interest in the BBL and its contents. However, a plebiscite still has to determine if 39 barangays in North Cotabato, six municipalities in Lanao del Norte, and the cities of Cotabato in Maguindanao and Isabela in Basilan will be included in the Bangsamoro territory.

Vatican Live Video Streaming. Next issue is that there is an unfair budget allotment for the Bangsamoro government. The legislative power lies with the bangsamodo legislative assembly, whose 24 members are also elected by the people.

Elite cops killed in Maguindanao clashes”.

essay bangsamoro basic law

An article pleading for an objective review and unrushed Bangsamoro Basic Law. Languages Italiano Edit links. Road to peace in Bamgsamoro The Standard, 1 Apr.

Making peace with the Bangsamoro Basic Law | East Asia Forum

From the looks of it, the government is seemingly held hostage to deliver without any substantial changes and in toto the Draft BBL. Invarious indigenous people groups rejected the formation of the Bangsamoro due to lack of essau with all stakeholders, especially the non-Muslim indigenous people who form a huge minority in the proposed region, Meanining they oppose the possible of the enforcement of the Sharia Law.


essay bangsamoro basic law

The government must ensure the constitutionality and fairness of this law. It served as the basis of the draft BBL. They should be considered a regional branch only. Will the Bangsamoro police go toe bangsamiro toe with them or at least exercise its lawful authority to apprehend or arrest them?

Can Peace be Attained through the Bangsamoro Basic Law?

They should first dim their selves worthy of such big trust. Click here to sign up. It was in when the Sulu Sultanate was established, bangsamroo to exercise a central authority in the practice of Islam. Cayamodin said provinces in the ARMM are consistently among the poorest sectors of the country, mainly due to corrupt and inefficient government officials.

Retrieved 8 July The BTA will hold legislative and executive powers and is considered the Bangsamoro government during the transition. It can open a lot of doors in the region. Third, it assures the Bangasmoro of its right to self-governance.

essay bangsamoro basic law

Let us not be tempted to think that since it is signed, everything will progress into what is expected. Or is it also about the Filipino people accepting us as Filipinos too? The said provisions should not be implemented and must be amended for this law to be in line with the constitution.

If provisions for social justice and sustainable development are only rhetorically endorsed, this will be a disservice to the struggle of the Moro peoples.