For them, it was as if the powers of light had overcome the powers of darkness, allowing the earth to awaken and life to be rekindled. You can also take part in the cooking of festive dishes sumalak. Folk music performers from 29 countries took part in it. During the festival one can travel in time and learn the ancient secrets of fire-worshippers’ rituals and shaman cults, make acquaintance with the life of the distinctive region where culture and traditions of ancient peoples have been well preserved. In a Tadjik household, the owner of a house or his elder sons must prepare fried shish kebab and a sweet pilaf made of rice and other cereals.

Although their calendars were different, ancient peoples followed the course of the sun and moon closely, and knew that the seasons began to change on this date. The bread is eaten with Ugra Oshi. Some mountain settlements have a special custom. This holiday in independent Uzbekistan is celebrated in honor of creation of own Army forces. The main tradition of Navruz is to cook famous dishes, which are so loved by children and adults.

Most tables also include coins, fruit and a copy of a sacred book, such as the Koran. In the bright dramatized representations of philosophic and poetic judgment of Navruzit places in national history reveals.

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It was celebrated by solar calendar, based on the essau position compared to the Sun. In majestic Square of Memory has been opened in capital of Uzbekistan on 9th May and since then Day of memory and honor on May, 9th is celebrated. There are other religious holidays with varying dates: The table must also contain an incense-burner for aromas and a water-filled vessel in which a live fish is placed to symbolize a happy life full of activity and movement.


So, wherever you are next March 21, celebrate life! This holiday is celebrated annually on the 1 st of September, is ceremonial and colorful. After performance of this ceremony last day the uzbekstan which lasts three days — Ramadan Hayit begins.

The parliament of the country on 14th January, has made a decision on transition of all military educational institutions and military formations deployed in the territory of the country, under jurisdiction of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Holidays and Festivals of Uzbekistan

This day pupils with gratitude give flowers and gifts. Navruz is the biggest holiday of the year for Uzbeks.

Guide and interpreter services. Women play a key role in organizing Novruz and passing on its traditions.

Holidays and Festivals of Uzbekistan

Traditionally, it is also a time to “clean up” one’s life. Then squeeze the pulp to get out the remaining juices. Sumalak based traditional foods eaten by ancient Turkish tribes and is the main dish — heart of the meal of friendship — of the holiday of Navruz.

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In most of the Silk Road countries, Navruz announces the joyful awakening of nature after winter and the beginning of the agricultural cycle of cultivating, planting, and harvesting.

The bread is eaten with Ugra Oshi. In southern Russia, the Bashkirs probably adopted the celebration of Navruz from Persian tribes that once lived in the Ural Valley. Also plenty of snacks, sweet stuff and fruit should be on the table. In the beginning of this holiday many Uzbek families prepare for national dishes such as Sumalak, Halim, Somsa from plant, Plov and others.

If you are the copyright owner and would like this content removed from factsanddetails. On this day people cook festal meals, the principal dishes being khalisa and sumalak a wheat bran pudding cooked only once a year, for Navruz, to which they treat their friends, relatives and all who happen to visit them at this time.


Exactly at midnight from 31st December till 1st January, narvuz hours solemnly beat 12 hours, there comes long-awaited New Year. And it is not quite clear, whether it is Navruz or the warm spring sun that makes people actually brighter and kinderbut they really become so, and each longs to return to their roots, feeling happy at seeing new green grass and the smallest awakening bugs, in a word, loving with all their heart their own life and the New one that is just beginning around them.

Throughout the world, many other cultures have long celebrated the coming of the spring equinox. Accommodation on the route: The constitution is the main law of the state, the document which possesses a high validity.

essay about navruz holiday in uzbekistan

Conditions of the ceremony is the following: On 29th December, January 14th has been declared by Day of defenders of the Native land. All rights reserved Created by OrexCA. The history of the holiday goes back esday ancient time, when people worshipped the Sun and the Fire. The rites that accompany the festivity vary from place to place, ranging from leaping over fires and streams in Iran to tightrope walking, leaving lit candles at house doors, traditional games such holiiday horse racing or the traditional wrestling practised in Kyrgyzstan.

essay about navruz holiday in uzbekistan

In the northern hemisphere, this date frequently coincides with the spring equinox, the day on which the number of daylight hours equals the number of nighttime hours.