This was the foremost issue that prevented the students from establishing a solid perception of the narrator and main character. As the century wore on, the epigraph spread to the novel. The small group discussions allow for every student in the class to voice their interpretation of the readings. Epigraphs or “mottos” as they are still often called first became popular in Europe during the early eighteenth century, accompanying the growing phenomenon of middle-class reading. Ultimately, students will focus on selected epigraphs to draw interpretations regarding the themes in the text. In later chapters of the text Krakauer shares details of his own climbing adventure in Alaska.

The lessons and activities from the ERWC curriculum are geared towards the demands of college level writing with the California State University system. Activity 4 days Students will revisit a total of five epigraphs. Both sources offer varying perspectives of McCandless. What is McCandless talking about? What was McCandless like as a child and as a teen? When the students engage in conversations about these types of questions, they will be able to decide whether the epigraph ties in closely with McCandless’s life or if the epigraph was taken out of context by the author. These ideas will be recorded in their student packets.

The best interpretation of a text is the simplest, most economical, least ]ssumption-based interpretation. I want them to know that they must evaluate, investigate, and possess some degree of skepticism so that their interpretive conclusions line up with their truths, beliefs, and values. The fictive and poetic signals in addition to the critical reading skills required to derive meaning from the epigraphs are so multi-faceted tbe the reading task becomes daunting.

Why did my students skip inot altogether?

Epigraph-allacy: Using Epigraphs to Elicit Student Interpretations

For the first epigraph, students will be given an enlarged photocopy of page 47 from the text. For this activity, students will focus specifically on chapters 14 and With these discussion questions, students are able to delineate whether the epigraph inclines in favor of the erwf or the main character.


erwc into the wild essay prompt

In drawing these distinctions, students will become competent in developing their own interpretations as they prepare to address the epigraphs. Epigraphs force readers to pause and notice the transition from the world to the work, from life ito the novel.

Epigraph-allacy: Using Epigraphs to Elicit Student Interpretations

The discussion could also perhaps point in the direction of McCandless as a character who sought peace and acceptance, but also perhaps the chance for rebellion against societal expectations. Because Krakauer left out details about McCandless’s family history, students can approach the epigraphs from different perspectives, thus leading to the building of different interpretations.

Activity 1 days “With the grain” Students will read the entire nonfiction text using two reading strategies: In addition to the first focus question, students will address a set of critical thinking questions: Epigraphs also serve to connect the reader’s experiences to the text.

Students may view these chapters as “interruptions” in the storyline. It may, after all, be the bad habit of creative talents to invest themselves in pathological extremes that yield remarkable insights but no durable way of life for wiod who cannot translate their psychic wounds into significant art or thought.

He stayed true to himself and used his own experiences, observations, and knowledge to live his own interpretation of a happy life. erqc

What was Chris McCandless seeking in the wilderness? The epigraph transitions what the reader knows and has experienced and the application of that knowledge elsewhere 17 Making Meaning Students, most especially weaker readers, struggle with decoding the epigraph as a text in itself.


Simply put – they found no significance. These epigraphs serve as the building of background information from one context while int to another. During the whole class discussion, students will be given a focus question:. Responses to critical thinking questions and the rough drafts of essays will also be maintained in the packet.

erwc into the wild essay prompt

During the whole class discussion, students will be given a focus question: Students must be able to understand individual prrompt of a text e.

Every student will be an effective communicator.

Create and label a 4-column chart: My school is student-centered and aims at the development of each individual student so that they contribute to a productive, just society.

Laurence Perrine states that there exists a level of truth when determining meaning and that logical patterns are found within the diction of the text. Textual evidence Comprehension and discussion questions for Section 2: Inthe introduction to her new compendium on “the art of the epigraph,” Rosemary Ahern notes that she is always surprised when someone claims not to read epigraphs: The discussion with students regarding this epigraph will direct student focus to whether this epigraph and others corresponds to the text.

Be the first person to comment. Krakauer states, “Children can be harsh judges when it comes to their parents, disinclined to grant clemency, and this was especially true in Chris’s case.

In their packets, students will thee to the following questions: These classical texts stood on their own, without reference or allusions to other writers or texts.