A Cat gets donated by Henry and Peter, or well it donates itself to them. Henry and Peter though, cannot decide on what name they want to call it! Henry and Margaret start a fashion show to sell Henry’s old clothes. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Henry and Margaret have a competition to see whose club is better.

Henry and Margaret start a fashion show to sell Henry’s old clothes. Henry accidentally spills Mum’s perfume on the night of her anniversary, so he and Peter must make a batch. Retrieved from ” https: Henry is desperate not to show his pink underpants to Ralph, Al and Bert. Henry and Peter takes turns at being gardeners. The Family go green and install a wind turbine. Henry saves Miss Oddbod’s Cat, but Peter takes the credit.

Mum’s Biscuits are a big hit with Henry, and he’s determined what the secret recipe is. Audible Download Audio Books. Bossy Bill, the son of Henry’s dad’s boss, keeps getting him in trouble. This article needs additional citations for verification. There’s a new girl in Henry’s class and she turns out to be more trouble than she seems. Eipsode invaids Moody Margret’s Pirate Party.

Henry’s idea of what a job is like is not right. Henry accidentally submits a drawing that he risks is gonna get him into big trouble, so he teams up with Margaret to retrieve it back.


episode 11 horrid henrys horrible homework

Henry buys a raffle ticket and thinks he’s won the lottery! Money Talks [38] “.

Horrid Henry Lists of British animated television series episodes. Henry is desperate to get a Golden Gizmo. Season 3 Episode By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Horrid Henry’s Horrible Homework

Henry thinks Margret has been invaded by Aliens when she suddenly starts being nice to him. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Edit Details Release Date: Full Cast and Crew. A Dinner Lady is stealing treats from everyone’s lunchboxes and Henry must stop her. Henry and Peter are at war for tidy rooms in an attempt to go to their favourite restaurants. Rabid Rebecca returns as Henry’s substitute teacher, and she’s come prepared this time!

After not being allowed horrrible go to the funfair for being horrid, Henry decides to be perfect for the day.

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Henry has a dream where he’s an adult and is about to marry of all people – Moody Margaret! Henry cheats his way through a book-reading contest to win a prize, but it isn’t what he hoped for. Henry always wants to be the lead part in a school play, homewogk this time he clearly doesn’t!


episode 11 horrid henrys horrible homework

Henry hates swimming lessons, but manages to get his five-meter badge. Henry, Ralph and Peter form a band in order for Henry to win tickets to a concert.

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In Maya fifth season was commissioned by Novel Entertainment with another 42 episodes, 10 less than the previous 4 series, making it Henry delivers his most elaborate homework excuse yet. Henry feels depressed for a day. This article or section contains close paraphrasing of one or more non-free copyrighted sources. After a trip to the ice cream factory is cancelled, Henry’s class go to the town museum.

episode 11 horrid henrys horrible homework

Browse all our free movies and TV series. Henry and Margaret start a fashion show to hprrible Henry’s old clothes. Henry imagines a world without any Ice Cream!

King of the Monsters star picks his favorite sketch shows and the villainous origin story he can’t wait to see. After getting his pocket money taken away, Henry plans to run away from his house.