Ask students to find examples of simile in the book. How is his view of El Brujo different from other gang members? Describe the gangs aboard the trains. The following is the criteria that you will also be graded on. How does she attempt to rectify her guilt when she gets to the states? Or are we, in our hearts, selfish creatures?

A Conceptual Metaphor for Life considering the journey chronologically. How is bringing his daughter to the states easier for Enrique than dropping his drug habit? Please choose one to answer and write an essay on. How might his story be a lesson about the perils of drug use and addiction? LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices.

Enrique’s Journey Teacher’s Guide

Although he approached several people, only a couple of drivers agreed to let him clean the vehicle. What is the role of grandmothers? In this regard, Enrique would need at least pesos to make two calls. Write a persuasive essay about why the journey is worth it or not for both Enrique and the people in his life, as well as for migrants in general. Esssay the value of family in the Latino culture.

What is the overall attitude about this act? What sparked the idea for the book?


enriques journey essay topics

What chance do his children have for a better life? Professionally written essays on this topic: In many ways, Enrique is emblematic of many of his countrymen who came to the United States illegally.

Starting with childhood, the student can discuss what he remembers of his earliest year New to eCheat Create an Account! Essay Criteria The following is the criteria that you will also be graded on. How do Padre Leo and Olga work to restore dignity to migrants, and give them hope?

Furthermore, El Topica demanded beer and drugs from any immigrant that wished to live in peace and security. What do they miss about their former homeland?

An eight page research paper considering the literary concept of the hero’s journey in this classic science fiction film by direct In AugustEnrique receives a visa to remain in the United States. Discuss the anti-immigrant measures local, state, and national governments have taken. The corrupt nature of immigration authorities hinders victims jourey assault from seeking justice. Consequently, he sees the urgent need to obtain her number and telephone her.

Why does their friendship dnriques Have students make and illustrate a brochure to aid newcomers in their community. There are no other sources lis Encourage students to view a film about the immigrant experience.


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How does his journey change after this encounter? Contrast the images of the United States that Lourdes and Enrique see on television versus what each finds in the United States.

What things make him wish to return to Honduras? Have them construct a survey that gets to the heart of the issues related to this act. Or are we, in our hearts, selfish creatures?

Instruct students to film or recite the dialogue in class. What obstacles did they encounter? What does Enrique expect from his mother once he has found her?

Ttopics do these problems continue to haunt Enrique after he is reunited with his mother? How is her life more stable than his? Why is their hope fragile? LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices.

enriques journey essay topics