These seniors become gangsters who normally target meek and insecure students and lure them with money. However, very little time and effort is spent on understanding and exploring how non-gang-affiliated youth and young gangsters in these communities perceive their needs, their environments and what they think would help in addressing gangsterism in their communities. Cape Gang Culture ]. X marks the spot: They think that to be accepted, they must like the others. A network of violence:

This concept is also promoted by the local school authorities as research has proven that there are many advantages to be derived when students discuss lessons in groups. In short, the responsibility to curb gangsterism falls on the shoulders of parents too. This is healthy as through interaction students are able to revise lessons that were taught in class and help each other in subject areas. Van der Merwe, M. To prevent this from happening to you, put in regular hours of private study throughout the semester. They act differently and may be consumed with self- reproach, anxiety and fear.

The home should be safety net for students not just in happier times but also during difficulties. Yes, traffic jams have become one of the aspects of Malaysian lifestyles.

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Cape Gang Culture ]. Most of us will just shrug our shoulders and accept the frustrations of being caught in the traffic jams as something that cannot be avoided. There are many reasons for this phenomenon of traffic jams in our lives. Ikasi style and the quiet violence of dreams: Van der Merwe, M.


“Making the Number positive”: Addressing youth needs that gangs fulfil – Blog – SaferSpaces

Young people, who dress differently, think differently. This is healthy as through interaction students are able to revise lessons that were taught in class and help each other in subject areas. Students, especially at lower secondary level, are sometimes coerced into submitting to their seniors. In this affluent society, owning a car is not impossible dream. In conclusion, the above points show us that study groups have many advantages to offer the students.

You have to work smart so as to get excellent results in your examination. X marks the spot: For many young people in South Schkol communities where gangsterism is rife, their lives are not reflective gangsterisn the promises made by democracy.

eliminate gangsterism in school essay

Gangsterism on the Cape Flats: This might lead to panic and eventually ganbsterism. Being in love and falling out of love is a challenge faced by teenagers today. These students are afraid that if they do not submit themselves to their seniors, they may be harassed, bullied and even physically harmed.

Firstly, it is important that you pay attention during lectures. In short, the responsibility to curb gangsterism falls on the shoulders of parents too. With that, they target the youth, whose economically often unstable family backgrounds enhances their vulnerability.

Secondly, you must study throughout the semester and not just before exams. Besides, nowadays it is very common to see a family with edsay least two cars.

eliminate gangsterism in school essay

The teenagers who are going through difficult and tough times need positive, caring people who can steer them to the right direction so their lives can be shaped into something positive and meaningful. Forming study groups is an effective way f studying. Gangsterism is becoming a growing problem in schools these days. He further argues that the main reason for the failure to eliminaet gangs is the failure to engage young people and children that are involved in gangs on a personal level with respect, openness and an awareness of the various influences that work together to make young people and children join gangs and commit crimes.

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Thirdly, Study groups help students become effective team players. Although the teen years offer new experiences and challenges that can be exciting, this period of time can also be stressful.

In xchool to the family, other social institutions such as churches, schools and the state have contributed to the formation and maintenance of gangs as these more often than not fail to adequately provide for the needs of young people.

Being effective team members helps prepare students for the workforce too. All these may lead to insecurity in students. This challenges students to increase their knowledge and to prepare them for challenging tasks in eliminatw careers later on in life. Companies these days expect employees to cooperate and work well in group projects.